Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in Louisiana

We enjoyed our time with the Porche and Jefferies families. The boys were thrilled with their loot from Santa. Drew said all afternoon, "I can't believe I was good enough for a Wii". My sister told him she thought it was a mistake and that it belonged to our neighbors. His response, "Oh well..too bad!" We spent Christmas at my brother, Seth's, and the evening at Joe's sister, Debbie's house.
My nephew is getting so good at the guitar. We enjoyed watching him listen to a song and play it! My sister in law's cousins were also there and they can play and sing just like the Porche's! It was a nice day! (Mom and on the speaker up at the top of the picture show to mute the song playing so that you can hear Johnathan playing!)

Monday, December 22, 2008

They Clean Up So Nicely

Working on a New Year's card..(Christmas one won't happen). Tried several times to get them to take a picture without hitting or calling each other gay or moron! This is what we ended up with! They are so handsome!

On a side note, Mitchell got his football pictures in this week, and he looks like such a teenager! Notice the number??? (Can you say Charles Scott?)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Never A Dull Moment At the Jefferies House

I was given a mini Clear Brook helmet and Drew discovered it fits our cat perfectly. Poor thing! Mochoa kept dragging her head on the ground trying to get it off! Check out the pics and video of this fiasco!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Me, Les, & Shep

Tonight, I attended the Houston Touchdown Club Banquet. Our coach was up for Coach of the Year and we had a player up for Defensive player of the year....Well, guess who was there???? Yep, Les Miles and Bradley Peveto...I know Coach Peveto b/c he recruits our players...Well I got to take a pic with them! (Until they called security...ha ha). Russell Shepard was up for Offensive player of the year, and HE WON....I talked to him about how much he was going to love LSU....I met his mom, dad, and grandmother....Seth & Steph....I invited them to tailgate with us and they are pumped! I told Russell I was keeping my eye on him. (I think I scared him a little)...Anyway, breaking news to my LSU fans....YES, he told me he will be attending LSU in January!!!

Les Miles, Me, and Coach Peveto - Coach Miles says he remembered me from football camp....I think he was scared of me too!!!

Me and Russell Shepard...I was teaching him the proper way to say GEAUX TIGERS! There were about 50 people waiting to interview him. My friend told me that there was NO WAY I was going to get this picture....It's amazing what you can do when you go up to his parents and introduce yourself....His dad walked me right up to him!

Me, Matt, & Doug

My friends, Gene & Stacy

Coach Fox & Jeff

Coach Lanier and his wife, Mary

Dreaming of A White Christmas!

It snowed for a little while tonight and we definitely took advantage of it. The boys were home while I was at a banquet and Joe was out of town.....Some coaches from school and myself went to the Touchdown club banquet...Upon our return, we decided to have a snowball fight!!!

Drew is a King

Drew was a Wiseman in his CCE class. He was adorable...Needed a little prodding for his lines. Unfortunately, his "crown" was too big and it poked his ears out...Pics are priceless!!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Potty Mouth!

So you wonder where I get it from???? Watch the video and you be the judge! Spencer and my mom were playing WII in the apartment set up next to the main house! Trying to work off Thanksgiving Lunch!!!

So, I get my potty mouth from my Mom, but as you can see from the below video....I MUSTget my coordination from my Dad!! Ha Ha!

My Bro, the Star

My brother is an ER nurse and they "used" his picture to promote the hospital! Check it out!

Monday, November 24, 2008

This Cracks Me Up!

OK, for all of you over 40, put your depends on because you will pee a little bit when you watch this video!!! Just a warning!!!! I'm speaking from experience ;)
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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Holidays Are Coming

Something my boys looked forward to every year was the Christmas village at my mom and dad's house. This year they decided not to put it up. They divided all of their pieces between me, Steph, and Seth and we got the Ski/Skating stuff. Drew could not wait to put it all together, so here it is.

Kim and Stacy, you are going to have to bring Brady and Trenton over, it is mesmorizing to little kids!!!

Mitchell's Assignment

Mitchell had to write an assignment about an "Unexpected Moment." After I read it, I had to post it for all to see. He is such a great kid! I am posting as is...mis-spelled words, quotations and all....

Six short years ago In the waiting room, listening to the clock go tick, I wonderd if this perpetul wait would ever end.

It seems like just yesterday when I was jumping on the trampline with my brother when my parents yelled "Family meeting guys."

"Family meeting. What's a family meeting. We never have family meetings." I said outloud. My parents sat me and my brother down in the living room. Even though I was only six I could sense that something unexpected was about to go down.

Nervously, I sat on the couch and starred up at my mom with my big, blue, six-year-old eyes and said in a cold quiet voice "Mommy what do you have to tell us?" She replied with a big breath in a clear of her throat. "Well baby, me and your daddy were talking about how much yall say that yall want a baby sibling so....

"So what, Mom? Tell me!" I interupted. "We're going to have a baby brother, or sister," she answered. Imediantly my whole body went up and I danced a dance of joy along with my older brother, Spencer. That family meeting was so unexpected and I was as happy as the Walmart smile face.

Just about nine months later, in the waiting room of the houston hospital with my grandmother, I sat. Unfortanily it seemed like an eternity until I would see my new baby brother, Drew. I was coloring in a dinosaur color book when they called us down to see the baby. He was so cute.

Now, six years later, I still think he is cute and I love him. I'm so glad that my parents had him and unexpectedly told us and even though he is annoing sometimes, well most of the times, I still love him. That day I learned that unexpected things aren't always bad. With that being said dont think that whatever happened will be bad because you never know how things will turn out.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Houston, We Have A Driver!

Spencer took his Permit test today and PASSED! I let him drive on the way home. He asked, "Mom, when do the nervous feelings go away?" I asked him, "Yours, or Mine?" He did very well on the way home!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Tide Reaux'lled US!

I had two tickets to the LSU vs. Alabama game, so Spencer and I met up with Seth and Stephanie and their families for the game. Drew stayed with my parents while we were at the game and loved every minute of the "spoiling" he gets when he visits. Mitchell and Joe stayed in Houston. The game was an awesome game....BUT WE LOST in overtime!!! Still love my Tigers and it was great seeing Saban (Alabama coach) squirm in Death Valley.

My Son, the Gambler

We spent the weekend with my Mom and Dad. They have a slot machine and the boys are HOOKED! The above video is of Drew hitting a "Win". What he didn't realize is that it took him 15 tokens to win 3....I guess all that gamble don't realize that...I rather buy an outfit!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Headed to the Playoffs

Wouldn't it be nice for all my teams to be winning??? Wishful thinking! Even though LSU has only lost two....they sure are playing like they lost lots more! Clear Brook is headed to the playoffs. That's great news, kind of....I'm so proud of my coaching buddies that have worked so hard with the kids, and am so proud of the players.........On the bad side, it prolongs football season, which means more weekends with the cheerleaders and away from the boys!

On a good note, I'm headed to Tiger Stadium Saturday! I'm going to meet my sister and brother for the Alabama game. I would love for the Tigers to knock off the number 1 team....I sure hope we do!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just Drew being Drew

Well, he is going to be a skater punk for Halloween, but he can also be a sweet little boy. He learned the Marching Ants song in choir today! I actually got him to sit still long enough to get it on tape. Enjoy!

Lordy Lordy....I'm 40

My friends are the greatest! I had many birthday wishes today. Kim put some GREAT (sarcasm noted) 40 signs outside my classroom. My other friend, Liz, made me an LSU cake and gave me an LSU witch hat and pumpkin! Joe and I went to Mitchell's game and then we all went out to eat! It was a great day.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Not much else is going on. We are very busy with football. Our school's team is tied for first in district. This coming week is Homecoming, so it's going to be very busy for me. Mitchell's football team is doing so-so. They are 3-2. He is playing really well. All defense (outside linebacker) and some offense (full back).

Drew is getting excited for Halloween! He is going to be a punk rock skater....His costume cracks us up! It's got leather gloves and a spiked choker!

Spencer is buckling down with his school work. Chemistry is kicking is butt! Report cards come Thursday, so we will see if his social life comes to a screeching halt!

Joe is busy as usual with work. He won't be traveling this week to help me during Homecoming. Hope all is well with the Louisiana people! We will see you for Thanksgiving!

My Son, The Groupie

Spencer has inherited my love of music! He went to a concert Thursday night (never again on a school night, btw). It was Weezer and Angels and Airwaves...He is a BIG Angels and Airwaves fan (former Blink 182 members). He decided to befriend the tour manager in the parking lot and the tour manager brought Tom Delonge out of the trailer to meet Spencer and his friends....Spencer was FREAKED out......He was super excited and star struck. Friday evening when he got home from school, he went to the Weezer website and found that he and his friends had made their website....They were FRONT row. The above picture is from the Weezer website.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Orleans and Friends...Nothing Better

Me and 7 friends took a road trip this weekend to celebrate my impending birthday. We started early, leaving Houston at 8:00. When we arrived in the Big Easy...there was no turning back. We had a blast. Something I will never forget. I am so fortunate to have good friends that gave up their weekend to come and celebrate with me. My highschool buddy even met us up there....After meeting, her....My Houston friends told me that "Understand why I am the way I am"....Don't know what that means, Keri....but I will take it as a compliment! All I can say is Bourbon street is still kicking at 4:30 in the morning!!!

My Boys - The Joksters

So I spent the weekend in New Orleans with my good friends to "pre" celebrate my 40th birthday. While I was gone, they decided to hide my prized autographed Les Miles football. When I got home, I looked in the glass case (Where it is guarded), and the picture is what I found...Notice, they let Drew "autograph" it....Les Miwos. I also got a birthday present from my mom. She bought Beignet the cutest LSU coat....He tried to bite it off..(After the Florida game, he probably didn't want to wear it).

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mitchell's First Game

Mitchell played his first 7th grade football game today. His team won 27-6. They played Space Center Intermediate. He did a great job. Made some really good tackles as Corner and great blocks as Full Back. He got the ball a couple times getting a few yards with the run. His number is 32, same number as CHARLES SCOTT (Tiger Full Back for you NON-TIGER FANS)!!!! GEAUX TIGERS & BULLDOGS!

Now on to the puppy....We have another picture of my two little babies!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Another Jefferies Boy!!!!

OK, before you guys all freak out! NO, we are not having another baby...BETTER...we got a puppy. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, we had to put our Cocker Spaniel down in May b/c of cancer. Well, I have been looking for just the right replacement and I found him. Mitchell, Drew, and I met the owner in Cleveland, Texas yesterday to pick him up. He is a Sable/White party color Cocker Spaniel. We have named him Beignet...Those of you that are reading my blog NOT from Louisiana, you pronouce it (BEN-YEA)....It's a french powdered biscuit...Very sweet, just like the puppy. The boys are beside themselves with joy....Joe, not so much!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Muscle Man

While going through my camera looking at pictures, I came across this one of Mitchell. He and Spencer must have been goofing off! I don't think Muscle and Fitness will be calling us any time soon!

Hurricane Ike Pictures

This slide show is a mixture of pictures from the hotel where we stayed, a friend's sister's house (Thanks Laura) where we ate post evacuation, and after the hurricane when we had people over for a feast.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Houston...We Had A Problem

We survived IKE! Here's the story since I've not had good phone reception and haven't been able to update my Louisiana friends.....

We found out on Wednesday that we would not have school on Thursday or Friday. After school on Wednesday, I went to Home Depot and bought a generator (Thank GOD)...We had intentions of staying home through the storm. Thursday afternoon we changed our mind. We got a hotel in far North Houston to ride it out. The storm surge really had us scared.

Friday, when the hurricane hit, we lost power AND water in the hotel at about 2:30 a.m. That was the worse part of the entire ordeal. One bed, three kids and a dog with no plumbing! On a side note...there were three yapping little poodles next to us, so my smart little kids decided to ask their owners if they had seen our had escaped from it's cage....Fortunately, we did not hear those stupid dogs again! Score one for the Jefferies boys! BTW, we don't own a python!

On Saturday morning I wanted to try and get home. We had absolutely no trouble getting back home.

Our house.....VERY LUCKY....Just a few fence sections down and our trampoline was tossed into our neighbors yard. My gutters are clanking, but that's so minor considering what everyone else is going through.

What upsets me most is I bought tons of meat from Don's in Lafayette on the way back from the LSU game right before GUSTAV...We fed all of our friends awesome stuffed porkchops....We ate like kings for several nights. I don't want to grill for quite some time!

It was difficult finding a gas station open, but I did and waited in line with everyone else. A friend of mine witnessed a fist fight! Our power came on Tuesday night, just in time for me to see the season finale of Big Brother.

Things are slowly getting back to normal. We are out of school this week while the district tries to repair the schools that were damaged. All is good...Tigers won! My Family is safe...can't ask for more!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

We Aren't Scared of A Hurricane!

Gustav won't keep us from watching our Tigers play! We headed out late Friday night for New Iberia to spend the night and my mom and dad's house. The game got moved from 4 p.m. to 10 a.m. b/c they were calling for mandatory evacuations of some of the southern parishes (my parent's included). Me, Joe, the boys, my dad, my lil bro, and his son, Jon, all headed for Tiger Stadium!

It was Drew's first time in the stadium. He's been tailgating, but never seen a game! He was pumped....Throughout the game, the band plays certain tunes. All the fans know what hand motions to do for a first down and when our opponents have a 4th down...Well Drew didn't want to be a true "Tiger Fan"...UNTIL HE SAW DIPPIN DOTS!!! I told him the stadium rule was do the dance and get dippin dots!!! He's a pro!

We won the game 41-13...Dropped Dad, Seth, and Jon off in Lafayette and headed back to Houston....or so we thought!!! Traffic...bumper to bumper ROAD RAGE!!! Everyone is evacuating....Please pray for all of the families. When hurricanes hit, I never know where to hope it goes. If this one goes straight, it hits my parents, if it goes east, it hits my sister, if it goes west, it hits US!!! Let's hope it dies down!

Enjoy the slideshow! GEAUX TIGERS!