Saturday, August 30, 2008

We Aren't Scared of A Hurricane!

Gustav won't keep us from watching our Tigers play! We headed out late Friday night for New Iberia to spend the night and my mom and dad's house. The game got moved from 4 p.m. to 10 a.m. b/c they were calling for mandatory evacuations of some of the southern parishes (my parent's included). Me, Joe, the boys, my dad, my lil bro, and his son, Jon, all headed for Tiger Stadium!

It was Drew's first time in the stadium. He's been tailgating, but never seen a game! He was pumped....Throughout the game, the band plays certain tunes. All the fans know what hand motions to do for a first down and when our opponents have a 4th down...Well Drew didn't want to be a true "Tiger Fan"...UNTIL HE SAW DIPPIN DOTS!!! I told him the stadium rule was do the dance and get dippin dots!!! He's a pro!

We won the game 41-13...Dropped Dad, Seth, and Jon off in Lafayette and headed back to Houston....or so we thought!!! Traffic...bumper to bumper ROAD RAGE!!! Everyone is evacuating....Please pray for all of the families. When hurricanes hit, I never know where to hope it goes. If this one goes straight, it hits my parents, if it goes east, it hits my sister, if it goes west, it hits US!!! Let's hope it dies down!

Enjoy the slideshow! GEAUX TIGERS!

Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School

Spencer - Sophomore in high school. Woke up late....Fight with Mom. Said he didn't need to bring notebook or pen first day b/c he wouldn't need it. Made me run late! However, he did remember his phone and Ipod....It's going to be a long year. While fixing his hair this morning, he asked how it looked. I said, "like you are a hair dresser". He said, "OK, From a 15 year old girl's perspective, how does it look?" I said, "Like you are a hair dresser". He went to ask Mitchell!

Mitchell - 7th grade - All Pre-AP classes. Very concerned that I fill out every piece of paper TONIGHT and that I pay all lab fees TONIGHT and that I get all supplies he did not get already TONIGHT. He started football this afternoon and practiced with the Fullbacks. He said practice was easy compared to what he was used to. They didn't do anything with Defense today, so I don't know if he will play both sides of ball, probably will!

Drewster - Very excited to have a slot on his desk where he can put his pencil. Loves his football shaped lunchbox. Had his lunch fixed for today at 3:00 yesterday afternoon. Still has his backpack on as I type this post. Has several friends from last year in his class, so he is excited...(Side note...Joe says his teacher is hot)

Me....Great classes, so far! My classes today are filled with Athletes, which I like...They have to stay eligible during season!!!

Joe....Skipping town tomorrow, heading for Dallas.

We are all leaving for Louisiana Friday after school for the first LSU game of the season.........GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dinner With Friends

Well, this is the last weekend before we all start school. Saturday night, Joe and I met some friends (mostly teachers) at Gringos for one last Hoorah before we go back to work! We all had a great time. Infact, we planned my 40th birthday trip to New Orleans. We plan on spending a Saturday night with my Texas friends and my Louisiana friends are going to meet us. My friend, Tiandre, said it was my half way to 80 party.....My friend, John, said it was my 2x20 party....I like John better!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

We WON...Well Tied...but let me explain

Tickets to the Texans game $70
Parking $20
One teeny tiny glass of wine $7
Seeing your son running onto the Texans football field....Priceless!!
Well, it didn't go as they said...Mitchell practiced this week and we found out late Friday night that because he was no longer a Space Raider (it affected him and two others b/c of insurance liability issues), he was inelgible to play. They also said we would play a twenty minute game, when really each team got 1 series with the ball from the 20! Mitchell got to run on the field with the team and that was still exciting. Want a play by play???? Alvin had the ball first....First down...nothing, second down...about 3 yards, third down....about 3 more, 4th down....about 2, 5th down (yes you heard me...they got an extra down)...they scored! Raiders get the ball at the 20. First down....nothing, second down.......SCORE!!! That was it...they were off the field in less than five minutes!!! Below is the video of the touchdown. Excuse the screaming when we score. I can't take Joe anywhere! ;) The picture above is from the jumbotron b/c my other pictures were fuzzy.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We Are Ready For Some Football

Mitchell's former football team started their quick three day practice to get ready to play the Alvin Yellow Jackets on Saturday. His team will play a thirty minute game during halftime of the Houston Texans game. He is excited and nervous all at once. I told him to get used to the screaming fans b/c when he plays in Tiger Stadium (On a full Athletic & Academic Scholarship, of course), he will have 92,000 screaming drunk Tiger Fans screaming Mitchell....Mitchell.....Mitchell! He did not find that comforting and said he would probably still hear me screaming........Get him Mitchell!!!!!

Little bit of offense! Look at my boy run...He gets that from ME!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Back to School BBQ

We had such a good time last night with our good friends. We decided to have some people over for BBQ and Swimming. While the grown-ups visited and stayed hydrated, the kids swam and decorated cookies. Joe grilled burgers and sausage. My friend, John made some Mexican Martinis, which were awesome, and I attempted to make margaritas. It was nice to have a house full of kids from ages 15 years down to 1 month! I will predict the future.....Brady Brewer (1 yr)will be a class clown because he giggles at everything....Christian Pillow (1 mth) will be a basketball star because his toes look like fingers.....and Mollie Harmon (2 mths) will be a model b/c she is so darn pretty.....Meanwhile, my little Drew will probably be driving them all around getting them in trouble!!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Finally A Girl Around

Our friends, John and Callie, had a little girl in June (Mollie). We enjoy playing with her so much. Our boys like having a little girl around to play with. Look at Joe holding a little girl.....Makes me want another one.........NOT!!!!