Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in Louisiana

We enjoyed our time with the Porche and Jefferies families. The boys were thrilled with their loot from Santa. Drew said all afternoon, "I can't believe I was good enough for a Wii". My sister told him she thought it was a mistake and that it belonged to our neighbors. His response, "Oh well..too bad!" We spent Christmas at my brother, Seth's, and the evening at Joe's sister, Debbie's house.
My nephew is getting so good at the guitar. We enjoyed watching him listen to a song and play it! My sister in law's cousins were also there and they can play and sing just like the Porche's! It was a nice day! (Mom and on the speaker up at the top of the picture show to mute the song playing so that you can hear Johnathan playing!)

Monday, December 22, 2008

They Clean Up So Nicely

Working on a New Year's card..(Christmas one won't happen). Tried several times to get them to take a picture without hitting or calling each other gay or moron! This is what we ended up with! They are so handsome!

On a side note, Mitchell got his football pictures in this week, and he looks like such a teenager! Notice the number??? (Can you say Charles Scott?)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Never A Dull Moment At the Jefferies House

I was given a mini Clear Brook helmet and Drew discovered it fits our cat perfectly. Poor thing! Mochoa kept dragging her head on the ground trying to get it off! Check out the pics and video of this fiasco!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Me, Les, & Shep

Tonight, I attended the Houston Touchdown Club Banquet. Our coach was up for Coach of the Year and we had a player up for Defensive player of the year....Well, guess who was there???? Yep, Les Miles and Bradley Peveto...I know Coach Peveto b/c he recruits our players...Well I got to take a pic with them! (Until they called security...ha ha). Russell Shepard was up for Offensive player of the year, and HE WON....I talked to him about how much he was going to love LSU....I met his mom, dad, and grandmother....Seth & Steph....I invited them to tailgate with us and they are pumped! I told Russell I was keeping my eye on him. (I think I scared him a little)...Anyway, breaking news to my LSU fans....YES, he told me he will be attending LSU in January!!!

Les Miles, Me, and Coach Peveto - Coach Miles says he remembered me from football camp....I think he was scared of me too!!!

Me and Russell Shepard...I was teaching him the proper way to say GEAUX TIGERS! There were about 50 people waiting to interview him. My friend told me that there was NO WAY I was going to get this picture....It's amazing what you can do when you go up to his parents and introduce yourself....His dad walked me right up to him!

Me, Matt, & Doug

My friends, Gene & Stacy

Coach Fox & Jeff

Coach Lanier and his wife, Mary

Dreaming of A White Christmas!

It snowed for a little while tonight and we definitely took advantage of it. The boys were home while I was at a banquet and Joe was out of town.....Some coaches from school and myself went to the Touchdown club banquet...Upon our return, we decided to have a snowball fight!!!

Drew is a King

Drew was a Wiseman in his CCE class. He was adorable...Needed a little prodding for his lines. Unfortunately, his "crown" was too big and it poked his ears out...Pics are priceless!!!!