Saturday, January 31, 2009

Baseball has Begun!

Drew had his first practice today! He was so excited! He did awesome (duh!) His team is the "Rays". I was the only fool out there with a camera, but oh well, who cares!

They practiced catching pop flies!

Here he is charging the ball!

The coach asked him if he had hit one over the fence last year. Drew told him "No Sir"...The coach said, "Well you will hit it over the fence this year....Good job!" Now don't get too excited....The coach pitch field is not that big...About 5 kids hit it over the fence last year!

It's nice to have two older brothers to give you pointers!!!

Stay tuned for pictures of Mitchell (if he let's me take any).

Spencer Got a J-O-B

As Department Head for Career and Technology, I get job leads for students. I got one yesterday and passed it on to my boy! He interviewed at noon today, and he was hired on the spot and started right after his interview. He works at a shop that customizes golf carts....Joe and I were pretty impressed with the place.....You wouldn't believe what they can do to golf carts....He is going to help clean up the shop, wash and drive golf carts, and help the owner's with whatever. I snagged a picture of one of the golf carts...take a look.

Friday, January 30, 2009

S-P-I-R-I-T Spirit-Let's Hear It!

My cheerleaders attempted a freestyle rap about me! I'm glad they are good cheerleaders b/c they won't make it as rappers!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Same Ole Same Ole happening with the Jefferies clan. Things that have happened recently....

  • I broke my left bird finger. A teacher dropped an electric pencil sharpener on it. Then the following week, another teacher slammed it in my printer. I will never be able to flip off Saban with a straight finger again

  • Spencer has been getting texts from a SENIOR....She is, however, beautiful! He asked her last week..."Do you know, Mrs. Jefferies?" She said, "That LSU crazy lady?" He said, "Yep, that would be my mom"...I guess I didn't scare her enough!!!! Give it time! He will be making his confirmation in a couple months and we are very proud.

  • Joe is gearing up to start traveling more often. We like him home, but know it's time for him to hit the road after the holidays!!

  • Mitchell tried out for baseball this weekend. He did really well for not picking up a baseball since last year. He pitched 3 out of 4 strikes...grounded and fielded really well....NEEDS HELP BATTING!!! He told me his bat is lighter now b/c he is stronger and he is in Puberty (TMI, Mitch!...Mom doesn't want any of them growing up)

  • Drew also tried out for baseball. This will be his second year in coach pitch. He played up last year and was one of the smallest and youngest, but held his own! Joe and I bet he will hit the ball over the fence this season! We can't wait!

  • Pets....Roux is just a black lab who is spoiled and really thinks she is a lapdog...Mochoa is our cat who hides all of the time b/c of Drew....Beignet, my favorite new cocker....He lights up our house....Joe calls him Ewok b/c he looks like a star wars character! He never leaves my side...He too, is scared of Drew! Go figure!!

Typical Sunday Night

Drew loves to wrestle with Joe. In any given room, this is what you will find! Where can a girl go for peace and quite???

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Feeling Nostalgic

As Drew and I were digging through some old boxes of photos, I came across a few....I had to share...I now know why Joe and I are together....Nobody else would have dated us!!!

This picture was taken in 1986 (my senior year). We were at the New Edition concert and had backstage passes! Bobby Brown rocked the house!!!

Ok, I know this picture is scary...However, don't you see a little bit of Spencer in him? Thank GOD, I didn't know him then.....I would'nt have given him the time of day!!!

This picture was taken the morning after our wedding. Mom, do you remember? Joe and I were going to drive to Dallas....I WAS LEAVING THE NEST...As you can tell from the picture, my mom and I had a VERY hard time telling each other good bye. I remember crying every night for at least four months!

And then, there was Baby....Look at Spencer. It's hard to believe that he will be in college in a little over two years.

Mr. Mitchell Manning Jefferies....He had such a rough start. He was in the NICU for 2 1/2 weeks on a vent when he was born, then hospitalized twice in one year for RSV and Roto virus....This picture was taken on his first birthday...He was waiting for a piece of cake!

This picture was taken the morning of Joe's Mom's funeral. Don't they look adorable. They had no idea the impact of that day. However, they still remember their "Mujer" and all the fun things she would do with them.

Here's Baby Drew, or as Spencer calls him "Mini Me". This picture was taken at his daycare. It's hard to tell he and Spencer apart in pictures that aren't dated. I know that it's Spencer b/c he always had a holster around his waist and rarely wore pants!!!! (Get the visual?)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


He comes up with the funniest are a few

  1. "Mom, you know the devil is down there" Yes Drew I know "Mom, it's very hot down there"Yes Drew it is "But it's not hot in heaven. When I go there, I'm bringing a jacket b/c it's going to be chilly."

  2. "Mom, are you 40?" Yes Drew, I am "And I've been alive for 6 years?" Yes Drew, you have "Wow Mom, you are almost finished!" (That one hurt!)

  3. "Mom, the Dr. told you to ice your finger for 24 hours" Wow Drew, you listened to what the Dr. told me? "Mom, I listen all the time...except at church!!

I cherish these moments!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Spencer & Beignet

We hope 2009 will bring Health and Happiness to all of you! We spent New Year's Eve at some friends...We popped firecrackers and grilled. It was a nice time. Spencer is at the age where we are no longer cool, so he went to a friend's house to ring in the New Year.

Me & Joe

Stacy & Doug

Me & Gene

Me, Mr. Gene, Stacy, & Doug