Thursday, April 30, 2009

Conversations in the Pressbox

As you all know, we are winding down baseball season. I get the pleasure (wink wink) of keeping the scorebook and pitch count every now and then for the boy's games. Tonight, Drew helped me with the scoreboard. It was nice b/c he actually knew what a ball and strike was and how to work the board! HE'S TECH SAVY, LIKE HIS MOM!

We all enjoy his is a little of what we talked about tonight in the pressbox.

Mom, I want a new airsoft gun. It cost $40. I wish I would hurry and lose a tooth so the tooth fairy will bring me some money.

Well Drew, I don't think the tooth fairy is going to give you that much money for your first tooth.

Well, how many teeth do I have to lose to get $40?

Drew, did you have a good day at school?

Yes, wait.....What do you mean a good day?

I mean..........Did you stay out of trouble? Did you get a good conduct mark?

Oh, Heck No....I talked to Sullivan all day

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gotta Love Baseball

Our weeks and weekends are filled with baseball. So unless you don't want to see pictures of our boys playing baseball, go ahead and close the browser now...Otherwise, enjoy.

We had a great visit with my parents this week. They got to see lots of what? out the scoreboard....Gotta Love Coach Pitch! Thank Gosh we Won!
On the move
Getting ready for the tag
Another Jefferies Slugger!
Drew hustling at 2nd Base
Batter Up!
Throwing somebody out at second...AGAIN!
I absolutely love watching Mitchell play catcher. He makes us so proud!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spencer's Confirmation

Spencer made his confirmation tonight. We are so proud of him. The mass was very ceremonial. The Knights of Columbus were there, several priests, and the Bishop. They confirmed over 85 young teens tonight. My parents came in from Louisiana to witness Spencer become an adult Catholic. We are so proud of him. He has attended classes for the last two years, gone to a retreat, and participated in many community service hours to prepare for this. Congratulations Spencer!!!

My Boys and the Bishop. What a Blessing.

Spencer's Confirmation Sponsor, Richard Keathley, the Bishop, & Spencer

Look how handsome they are. They actually look like they love each other.

Me and My Parents

My Dad and the Jefferies Fellas outside of Church before Mass

Dressed and Ready for Church

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Blessings!

We went to church this morning and, of course, did not get to sit together. I saw one of my students there and we decided we didn't like the "Chreasters"...(the people that go to church only at Christmas and Easter). After church, our weekly routine of grocery shopping and getting ready for the coming week. The weather was horrible. The boys skated in the garage and Drew shot the bb gun in the rain. Joe smoked a brisket and it was delicious! We had family movie time and watched Slumdog Millionaire (Drew called it "SnoopDog Millionaire"). Then, THE SUN CAME OUT and I abandoned my family for a lounger by the pool!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Total Randomness

We have been so busy, but nothing really blog worthy. Mitchell and Drew are heavy into baseball season (both with two losses). Spencer is getting ready to make his confirmation. I take lots of pictures and decided to post a few of what's been going on lately....Nothing earth shattering!

Cheerleader tryouts start next week for me. My two busiest times of year are cheer tryouts and homecoming! I'm anxious to see who will be returning...I also pray I make it out the parking lot alive...(angry cheer moms are ruthless)!

This goofy boy is Max. He is one of my favorite students. He is really involved in my church's youth group. He was Danny in Grease (our school musical)....just a great kid....He has golf when we have cheer class and when we have down time, he and I goof around! He actually let me take a picture of him in a cheer uniform!

This is my attempt at photography. My work friend, Kim, has taken up photography and takes great pictures of her baby boy. As I was waiting in line at Fiesta Texas, I decided to take a picture of that bee....Can you see it? I know, don't quit my day job!

This is Sally...Even though she is an Auburn alum, she is pretty cool. We had our Faculty vs. Senior basketball game last week and it was hysterical. The faculty usually wins every year (because I work the scoreboard and we cheat). This year, however, we sucked so bad....I couldn't cheat b/c we didn't get near the backboard!!

These two guys both had Spencer in class. The one on the left is Mr. Crawford, Spencer's current Spanish II teacher. The one on the right (looking like he is going to die), is our friend Gene. He taught Spencer Spanish I.

This past Saturday was the busiest we have ever had. I had a job fair from 7-11 a.m. Joe signed Drew up for tackle football, Mitchell had practice, Drew had a game, Spencer needed to be picked up from a friends, Drew had a birthday party, and Mitchell had a birthday party. We were gone all day long.

Drew usually plays 2nd base but got to play catcher for one inning...

Sunday, we went out to some friends for boiled crawfish. The boys brought their air soft guns and had a war with two 27 year old men...They held their own....In the below picture is Drew dressed in "war gear". Our friend said he looked like the unibomber! Their little boy got a John Deer for his 2nd birthday and Drew wanted to try it out for him!

Here's Mitchell, just being Mitchell!