Thursday, May 28, 2009

If I Had A Girl..........

This is what I would deal with....My old high school coach sent it to me. Not sure why he thought of me when he saw it (ha ha....Way to go Coach Fraze!) I'm sure my brother is thinking of his little one right about now!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Fun Filled Weekend

Well Joe and I got a taste of what summer is going to be like and I LIKE IT! Saturday afternoon, we went on a boat ride with our friends, Stacy and Gene. We rode up and down Clear Lake and stopped and had oysters. We then came back to our house and the kids swam and we ate red beans and rice. Stacy and I joked that we will make coupons to switch off...Boat rides for Swimming! Pretty good deal for both! Sunday, Gene threw a crawfish boil for Stacy's birthday and Joe, Drew, and I went. It was lots of fun. Crawfish season is almost over, and it makes me sad! I guess we will just have to bbq more often! Warning, lots of pictures following:
Me & Joe

Us and the Flores

Crawfish Boil on Sunday

After a long nap today, Joe and I spent the evening with the kids and friends by the pool. Joe smoked a brisket and we enjoyed the water, drinks, and music!

Boys playing Volleyball! They can't stand to lose! Drew and Sullivan watching the game! Drew was mad b/c Coach (Forez) hit him in the privates with a ball! Got to tell you about Trenton. He was scared of the water AT FIRST. He threw a ball and fell face first on the step. He startled himself and after that he was jumping in the water like he had done it for years! We would say one....he would say threeeeee and jump in the water! Drew would run down the yard and jump in the pool and there was a 30 second delay....Trenton running right behind him yelling Dreeeeewwwwww. My daredevil son....and my crazy friend.....

Drew's Team Won!

We are finished with Drew's season and Mitch has two more weeks....PRAISE THE LORD. Drew had his team party Friday night and had a really good time. They ended up regular season champions and tournament champions. Way to GEAUX Rays.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Whole Bunch Down.....ONE TO GEAUX

Drew's team won tonight 12-6. It was a great game. He made two singles, one double and had 3 RBIs. They play the Astros tomorrow night for the league championship. Tomorrow after the game is their team party. He is very excited to get his trophy and pin for 1st place in his division. Hopefully, his team receives a 2nd pin for being Champions....Mitchell's team is still plugging along...They are still in first place. Next practice is Tuesday. We get a little break because of the holiday...Praise Jesus! We need it...Joe and I honk at each other as we see our cars coming and going out of the neighborhood bringing the boys to their practices and games. A parent put this banner on her car so the boy's had a place to aim...over the fence!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Baseball & Smart Boys

Good News...Drew's team won. We are going into the second round of tournament play. It's double elimination and we've already lost once. We play tomorrow. If we keep winning, we play again Thursday and Friday (for the championship). Joe took Drew to the game and we won 22-12. Drew hit a triple and a double....Bummed I missed it.

While Joe and Spencer were at Drew's game, I was with Mitchell. He was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society tonight. Students are nominated based on academics, service work, character, and leadership. We are very proud of him!

Another smart one is Spencer...We made a bet that if he got straight A's, I would give him some money (shhh...don't tell Joe)...He is proving that he can most definitely do it. His 6 week progress report had all very high A's and one stupid 87 in Spanish II....(I mean we live in Houston, do we really need to know Spanish?? OK, I take that back) He is very happy that his Chemistry grade is a 98...He is on his way to being exempt from his finals. He will be taking dual credit History, Psychology, and Sociology next year. He will get college and high school credit for these courses. If he stays on this path, He will start college with 15 hours under his belt! He can already see the dollar signs in his future!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Show Us Your House Friday

Well you know, last week I did an entry of my den. I decided to do an entry of our guest room. You will have to excuse the mess. I don't have it decorated the way I want it yet!

Guest Room

Guest Bath

Guest Media Center

We sure hope you come and stay with us soon!!! Ha Ha Ha!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!!

Joe and I will celebrate our 21st anniversary tomorrow, May 14. I remember the day like it was yesterday. We got married on a Saturday. Keri and I laid out by the Ditch's pool while my mom and aunt and Mrs. Reba decorated the church hall. Getting dressed for the wedding is a blur....I remember forgetting to polish my nails and trying to do it with my wedding dress on and my mom having a fit that I would spill the polish all over my dress.

My Dad's good friend, "Uncle Glen" showed up at the house with a Rolls Royce, so I arrived at the church in style.......HOWEVER, before we mom and I got really nervous, so Mrs. Girdie let us split a "little yellow pill". I have no idea what that pill was, but I have no recollection of the rest of the evening....I guess that's when I realized I have no tolerance to medication....I remember somebody running down the street yelling, "Get a yellow pill....Girdie has the yellow pills". (Side note: Don't drink beer when you take a yellow pill~)

Through thicker and thin, sickness and health.....6 houses, a business, countless cars, a critical infant, two states, losing Joe's mom, my mom's cancer, job layoffs, my dad's stroke, and raising teenagers, we've managed to stay together!

Joe and I have been together since I was 16, only a year older than Spencer is's hard to believe! Happy Anniversary Joe! I Love You Very Much!

Here is a blast from our past....(Don't judge the hair or blue eye shadow)

My Senior Prom circa 1986! (Prince - Purple Rain...Our Song) YIKES!

College Days...This picture was taken after he told me he was moving to Dallas...I wasn't very happy (As you can tell from the picture). We were engaged the next night! He was there to get my Dad's blessing...what a guy?

Our wedding picture.....My neck was so skinny....I think my dress was a zero and I had to have it altered! The good ole days!

This is our first trip after baby...We went to Vegas with our friends from Dallas and Tressie and Brian...I posted it b/c I think he looks hot in his goatee (he could lose the Harry Potter glasses though)

And Baby #1 Spencer Porche Jefferies - My mini me - Joy of our life....Great kid...good student...good to his brothers. We had our golf store at this time, so Spencer always had a golf club and golf ball in his hand. Infact, golf ball was the first thing he said....Kind of sounded like "Doff bawl", but we knew what he meant!

Baby #2, Mitchell Manning Jefferies.....what a story....he had fluid in his lungs when he was born...collapsed a lung, on a vent for 4 days...We didn't know if he would pull through. I remember thinking if he could only drink two ounces, they will let him come home.....My mom and I were tempted many times to pour the formula out of the bottle.....They weighed his spit rag in the NICU to make sure he was getting the full 2 ounces....This was a tough time for Joe and me, but we made it...Mitchell is a brilliant kid who excels in any sports he tries!

My little Drew....God knew better than to give me a girl. He knew I couldn't handle them...Our house is full of boys ALL THE FREAKN TIME and I wouldn't have it any other way. (except for the grocery bill) Drew was planned and we hoped he would be a girl...His name would have been Aubrey.....Glad he is a Drew....Our lives wouldn't be the same without his philosophy on things!

Here's looking to another 20 years with Joe....WAIT, WILL I REALLY BE 61 IN TWENTY YEARS????? HOLY MOLY....I NEED TO REST

Like Mother Like Son

I just got a new laptop for work and was given the opportunity to purchase my old one for $10. I thought it would be perfect for Drew. He loves to go to,, and other sites they visit at school. Spencer captured this picture of the two of us. He was actually learning his homerow keys! A boy after my own heart!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nueve De Mayo

Every year our friends have a party on the Saturday after the 5th of May. This year, it was the 9th, hence Nueve! Joe and I had a good time visiting with our "Space Raider" family that we rarely see! One year and counting before Drew can play!

Joe & Vickie

Susan Bourbonais, Me, & Hollie Patrick

Me, Scott, & Susan

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I Love My Mother Because.....

1. She taught me to be independent (or was that middle child syndrome?)
2. She permed my hair in the 80's!
3. She sewed MANY prom and pageant dresses!
4. She instilled my faith in religion and now I can do the same with my boys.
5. I inherited her singing voice!
6. I inherited her blue eyes and dark skin!
7. She taught me how to sew!
8. She taught me how to make a ROUX!!!
9. She let me sit on the counter as a child and taught me how to cook.
10. She told me to put my "Big Girl Panties On" and get over many things....Life is not fair....Get over it! Without that, I would not be who I am today.
11. She would not let me get into the car with a certain "red-headed" teenager...I hated that, but now that I have a teenager, GREATLY APPRECIATE AND UNDERSTAND IT!
12. She taught me patience (Wait...nevermind)
13. She taught me the value of putting family first above your own wants and needs.
14. She taught me how to be a wonderful mom and bring up kids that have character, faith and integrity!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Friday House Tour

I follow a Razorbacks blog (I LSU Tiger likes a Razorback). She started a weekly tour of houses around. This Friday it's Living Rooms/Dens.

I decided to post pics of my den. You can check her blog by clicking the button above.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Baseball/Beer Crawfish/Cake Family/Friends

We had a full day of baseball today. Drew's team won 32-18.

After a long day on the field, we bought a sack of crawfish and had our friends, John and Callie over. John's birthday is Monday, so we decided to celebrate. It was a great evening for swimming and crawfish!

My favorite drink & my favorite food!

I caught these two fighting after they escaped the ice chest.

Mollie Ane, relaxing in the pool...Her and Drew had a good time!

Drew couldn't wait to tear into John's birthday cake....Callie and I told him he had to wait...Well, John and Drew had other plans. John told Drew to go snag the cake...What John didn't realize is that Drew is as fast as lightening. As soon as he said that, Drew was in the kitchen, cake in hand, running toward the den....then all of a sudden.......

SPLAT..Cake turned upside down, all over the floor.

We flipped it over and ate it anyway! I cleaned the floors this morning