Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yes, I'm a Daddy's Girl

Happy Father's Day Dad. I Love You and here is why:

1. You were able to provide for us and allow Mom to stay home.
2. You watched me cheer at many football games when I know you missed lots of tee times doing so.
3. You taught me football! The difference between a fullback and halfback!
4. I LOVE the fact that you snagged up all 8 tickets to the LSU football games when your brothers didn't want them. Now our children can appreciate PaPa every time we are in those seats!
5. You never said you didn't like the guys I dated, but made sure they didn't stick around long...Except for Joe...I remember you told me I could "Go out with him once, but you didn't want us to make a habit out of it b/c of our age difference"...So much for that one.
6. I love you b/c you always listened even when you didn't agree. You also calmed mom down quite a bit!
7. You taught me that even though we have a lot, there is no need to try and impress people. Appreciate the things we work for.
8. I appreciate your work ethic and how you instilled it in me, Steph, & Seth.
9. I love that when we first got married, you would slip me money to go back to Dallas. What you didn't know is that Mom and Gammie had also done the same!
10. I appreciate your stories from high school about you and Coach. It makes me proud to know you have accomplished so much and set so many school records.
11. I love the fact that you hold your guns....You don't cave to what's popular, you stick to what is right!
12. I appreciate your religion and how you and mom made us go to church every Sunday, no matter how late we had stayed out the night before!

I hope you enjoy your day...I'm so glad we got to visit with you last week. Happy Father's Day! Love, Tiney _ _ _ _ _ _!

A Day at the Beach....well Galveston!

Joe and I took the boys to hang out at the beach in Galveston. If you close your eyes and just listen to the feel like you are in Florida! ha ha
Drew made the mistake of feeding the seagulls...They attacked him and it was quite funny.

Enjoy the pictures.

I love watching Drew copy his big brother!

He almost threw sand at me trying to get this one.

He was hollering..."Just take the darn picture"..He had minnows to catch.

A flock of seagulls

Me & the two young ones!

Joe and the boys

Monday, June 15, 2009

Basin Bash!

Me and my brother took the kids out on the boat today to hydroslide and tube...They had a ton of fun! I myself got up on the second try! Not bad for not having touched a board in 21 years! This looks alot easier than it really muscles are killing me! 1/2 of the Porche Group Mitchell doing a 360 My bro the pro Me driving, trying to knock my nephew off the board My nephew Jonathan My mom and dad's houseboat
This video makes me cry when I watch it....I had finally talked Drew into getting into the tube with me and watch what wipeout...My life jacket flew off, he flew out of my arms and then we both started killing ourselves lauging! He didn't want to do it again though!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Perfect Present!


I can totally see me driving this to work every day being the envy of all my co-workers (ha ha)....I'm sure they would vandalize and try to paint it burnt orange, but GOSH I WANT IT!!!!

I have purple and gold boots already...all I would need is gold leather pants and I would be all set! My bike helmet could look like a football helmet!

Birthday Bash on the Bayou

As many of you know, my three boys all have birthdays in June and so does my sister, brother, and nephew. Every year when we visit, we get together and celebrate the "June" birthdays. This year, all of the men were at a religious retreat, so the women in my family got together and had dinner and margaritas on the bayou while the kids played. My mother bought a pinata and they played on the rope swing and threw things in the bayou...(Same stuff we did when we were little). It was very relaxing!

Spencer left Friday morning to spend the remainder of the summer working in Gulf Shores, so it was nice spending time with him. Mitchell turned 13 TODAY...Where on Earth does the time go?
When on the bayou, the cajun just comes out!!!

My nieces, Lauren & Ashlynn and Ella and Mae

Ladies chillin in the backyard!

Madeline and her "mexican batting practice"

Drew & Liam again....Boys being boys! Liam is the only boy on his side of the family, so was thrilled when I brought my crew!

Mae & Ella...two of the cutest girls ever!

Drew & Liam playing chase!

Me and my boys

Marie Bernadette - A perfect little angel...Bridget's youngest is walking at 9 1/2 months old.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One Time....At Cheer Camp....

I returned from camp today and embarrassed to say, I had a blast. Here is my cheer story....About 3 weeks ago, one of my cheerleaders wrote a silly note on my board...When I raised my screen projector, my class read it and laughed "at my expense". That week Liz (co-sponsor) and I drove a few of the girls to a baseball playoff game. We decided to exact revenge and wrapped my "poets" house. Follow the pictorial

House wrapped, score I thought!

A week goes by and I get really sick...Joe wakes me up telling me we have been wrapped! The culprits struck again, but this time they used purple and gold yarn. They wrapped and "yarned" the entire front yard. The yarn was strewn from my yard to my neighbors...Joe had to literally cut his way out of the driveway. Score - Cheerleaders 2 - Angry Coon Ass - 1

So we plot revenge night one at camp....Score Cheerleaders 2 - Coon Ass 2 We kept a room key and "decorated" their dorm rooms!

So I think everything is hunky dory until Liz and I receive a text with a picture of one of our girls with a pillowcase over her head and a note saying we had 30 minutes to find her or she was a goner! They sent us on Clues all over the dorm...Score Cheerleaders 3 - VERY Angry Coon Ass 2

This is a picture of one of the clues....

So as Liz and I were walking to lunch, we found a dead frog...We put it in her shoe....She went to get dressed for evening evaluations and screamed bloody murder....Score, Tied!!!!!

Needless to say, Liz and I didn't get Coach of the year but built an awesome team that I am looking forward to working with next year....We also mopped up in the awards department....Spirit Sticks, Superior Evaluations, Freshman Camp Chant Winner, Freshman Cheer Winner, & Varsity Chant Winner....We got our bid to compete in Dallas for Nationals and lots of our members made All-American Cheerleader.

Stay tuned to see if they get another one by me! I'm off to Louisiana to visit my "much missed" family and then Joe and I are taking Mitchell to California while Drew stays in Louisiana and Spencer is in Alabama....My summer starts tomorrow!

Friday, June 5, 2009

This is why I do what I do!

We graduated over 500 seniors last night. Every year I say there is no way that I will like the senior class more than the one "we" just graduated and every year, I do!

Below, you will see pictures of some of my students, cheerleaders, basketball players, and baseball players....I'm sure they will move on to do great things. (I hope)

After graduation, me and a couple teachers went out to eat...We each ordered a beer. Now I'm the oldest by a good 14 years....Guess who got!!!! I made the waiter take a picture of me showing him my license!! You can see Liz's face...she's totally shocked that he carded me!

This picture was in the Houston Chronicle

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Drewisms

Every DAY he just keeps us laughing! Today........


Mom, I want a Rootbeer float...Can we get one tomorrow? They are selling them for FREE tomorrow at Sonic!

Mom, tomorrow is our talent show.

I can't wait.....Can I come watch

I'm not in it....I HAVE "A STAGE FRIGHT"