Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Are YOU Ready for Some Football????

Drew had his first day of practice tonight. It was so cute to watch him do his drills and get in his stance....We made it a family affair. The big boys were so proud to see their little bro in action. All the years of them beating him finally came in handy! After his practice his coach approached Joe and me and said, "He is hard to pin down". I said, "Well, he has two older brothers". The coach said, "That explains it!" During sprints, he was consistently 3rd or 4th out of the group....HOWEVER, he is the smallest one on the team by at least an entire head!! Enjoy the pictures and video! My baby is growing up!
A little bit of juking! Bear Crawls Blocking drills Look how big that kid is in front of him...That big ole kid didn't know what it meant to "go on two"...Can you say "off sides"? His high stepping drills. It's so funny to see uncoordinated 7 year olds do this.
Look who finished third? Purple lightening!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Time Fun

Well we recovered from San Fran and headed to Louisiana to pick up Spencer. I can't thank my parents enough for driving to Gulf Shores to get him.

I got to spend some time with my best friend, Tressie. I left a day early and spent the night in Marksville. We had massages and pedicures at the casino and then spent the evening looking at high school scrapbooks and laughing about how silly our style was....Boy did we think we were something else.

When I got to New Iberia, my mom and I school shopped for the boys....When it comes, to deals.....Pris Porche is "da bomb"! She had punch cards, friday frenzy cards, senior citizen cards, you name it! I dressed Mitchell and Drew for mere pennies...Spencer wants "Galleria stuff" (la ti da)

Saturday we headed to a craft show and I felt like I hit the LSU lottery....shirts, flags, PANTIES....YES, PANTIES....! I even bought a UT dress for my friends baby girl.... It was truly a great visit to end the summer.

I picked up 3 dozen crabs on the way home and Joe boiled them for us. He had never boiled, nor eaten boiled crabs....neither had the boys, so needless to say I had to "learn" my little coonasses how to eat sum crab sha! Mitchell said he would rather pay double and just have somebody give him the crab meat....Well duh Mitch!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Our trip was WONDERFUL

A week of Pictures!!!

Golden Gate Bridge

Mitchell on the toilet in solitary confinement - Cell Block D

Nice 5 x 9 bedroom

We kept telling Drew that we were leaving him there for summer camp!

Alcatraz - very creepy

Heading to Alcatraz

Mitchell - Nuff Said - Fisherman's Wharf

Full House house - We teased Mitchell for loving this show so much as a kid....He fought back...."Mom, it had a MORAL family message in every episode" I guess I can't fault him for that! Still fun to tease him though!

Ghirardelli Square

Me and the mister

Lombard Street. I would hate to have to back out of the driveway living on this street. Especially if you've had a drink or two!

Kind of needed this hat after a long day of walking.

Sea Lion's at Fisherman's Wharf. I could have watched them for hours. They were amazing. They fight just like my boys do!

My fellas in Chinatown

Drew in Chinatown - bribed him for a picture with this hat on...It cost me a $3 sword.

On the plane, ready for take off!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Drew Drew Drew....

Our lives would be so boring without this little blonde tornado (which is what they used to call me!). We spent the day/night at the galleria yesterday shopping and he waited patiently for his treat...Ever since he realized Micheal Jackson was black, I have introduced him to the Jackson 5 music...He sings "ABC, easy as 123" every day....WELL yesterday, he found a button that plays the song....THAT WAS HIS TREAT FOR THE DAY. I got him on video singing it!

On the way home, he didn't last five minutes in the car. He definitely doesn't have the Porche shopping gene!

Where do they get it from???

This picture was sent to my dad. It was taken in 1949. He was Drew's age. Notice how little he is, but he can still make the tackle! I guess that's where Mitchell and Drew get it! I wish I could see my dad's face, but then he wouldn't be tackling properly, would he???

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Great Summer Salad

During spring break, we took the family to San Antonio and went to a mexican restaurant. A table next to us were eating the best looking shrimp cocktail I had ever seen. The waiter said it was shrimp cerveche. Kind of sad, but I've been thinking about that since March. My wonderful parents got Joe and me 50lbs of shrimp, so I decided to make it...I got out a pack of shrimp and googled the recipe.

Shrimp - check
Cilantro - yummy
Alvocado - yea baby
Ketchup - back up jack! Hold the phone...You want me to put ketchup in the same bowl as my sacred shrimp and tasty alvocado?

SO, CERVECHE MAY NOT BE THE DISH FOR ME! I did however, make something up and it was delicious for a summer treat. You guys have to try this!

1 lb of shrimp
1 container of pico de gallo
Extra pinch of fresh cilantro
Lime juice
Olive oil
1 can of black olives
1 bag frozen white corn
1 cucumber
1 Alvocado
Black pepper and sea salt

Boil shrimp and mix all of your ingredients & season to taste - Serve Cold...OMG it is delicious...I will throw down with Bobby Flay on this one! We ate as a salsa, but it is hearty enough to eat as a salad. Here is a picture of what is looks like!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Absolutely NOTHING going on!

My mom fusses when I don't post, so I'm posting. We haven't been doing anything but relaxing. Our falls and springs are so crazy, that when summer time comes, all I want to do is NOTHING. Over the last couple weeks, I've cleaned the house from top to bottom to try and get ready for when school starts. Today, I cleaned the carpets downstairs and got on my hands and knees and scrubbed the grout in the kitchen! What fun!

Joe took Mitchell and Drew to Louisiana for a couple days to visit with his family, so the house is very quiet! It's just me, the dogs, and the beta fish...oh crap...the fish! I forgot to feed the fish!