Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of School

All went great today. Spencer starts dual credit tomorrow at San Jac (Big man on campus). Mitchell is taking Spanish a year early and all of his classes are Pre-AP...My little boy started 2nd grade today! Where does the time go? I will be ordering graduation invitations next year!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer is OVA!

Today, we chilled out and enjoyed the last Sunday before school starts. I'm ready! The boys need to find something to do b/c we've had broken doors, spindles, and then of course staples in the head....Time for a routine.

Mass was special today b/c Joe has decided after twenty one years of attending the Catholic church to offically become Catholic! What makes it more special is that Spencer gets to be his sponsor. All the RCIA members were called to the altar for Father to say a special prayer and for them to commit to learning the Catholic faith.

After, we celebrated with lunch and grocery shopping! Here's to a healthy and successful school year!

btw, I'm enjoying the HELL out of my new truck!

Monday, August 17, 2009

One Little Monkey Jumping On The Bed


All is good - Urgent Care clinic was open till 10 - They put 9 staples in his head!



Friday, August 7, 2009

Beignet is a Genius

Joe was watering the yard and as I looked out the window, this is what I saw....not once, but many many many times.....He really thought he was going to catch it! Poor fella! Not the ripest tomato on the vine, but definitely the cutest! Speaking of tomatoes, Mom and Dad, please ignore the dead tomato plant on the left! much for being a green thumb!

Houston - We Have A Cornerback!

Just as I suspected, they put my lil man on defense. Looks like he will primarily be playing Cornerback...It's so much fun to watch him!

Monday, August 3, 2009

He Wants to Hit Somebody

Today was the first day that they wore pads and helmets. They will be in full pads Wednesday. I love watching my little midget doing these defensive drills....Watch him hit....Hint: He's the little bobble head on the right that's beating everybody!!!! The D-Line coach told another coach that he would put Drew up against his best runner for that drill any day! Drew was just happy to hit something rather than being the one getting hit all the time!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Guess who got their pads today???

Drew got his equipment and practice pants/jersey today at practice. He was so excited. It appears as though he is destined for defense.....He is a little pitt bull (and I love it!). He got to carry the ball today at practice and didn't get tagged. They start with full pads and tackling on Monday. It's all he is talking about!

Looks like Jacob Hester to me! GEAUX BRONCOS!

Look at that stance!

He wanted the sticker on his helment to show in this picture.

With school right around the corner, I will update you on the boys.

Spencer got his driver's license on Monday and I will need to hide the keys. He now thinks he has to attend a different mass than the rest of the family so he can "pay better attention"...RIGHT...I think it's b/c he wants to drive himself. He is gearing up for his Jr. year...Thank GOD he made very good grades. Joe and I needed the discount for his car insurance. He is looking for a job now and hopes to be a Teen Life Group leader at church.

Mitchell had decided to give up football (boo hoo....I'm having a hard time with that one!) He wants to focus his attention strictly on baseball. He feels he is better at baseball and with his weight and size, he may be right. He is signing up for the Fall Pony leauge and Joe and I will be getting him extra batting/fielding practice so that he is ready when spring ball rolls around. He may also run track...he is debating that one! He will also be in Teen Life at church...I hope Spencer isn't his leader...We don't need fighting at church!

A Day at the Beach

We packed up and headed to the beach today for a free day in the sun. Spencer got a skim board in Gulf Shores, so the boys were anxious to try it out today....We even got Mr. John and Ms. Callie on it! By the end of the day, they were pros! (Not John and Callie)

Mitchell's first try

Drew's first try

Drew getting better

Mitchell and his buddy, Brendan

The grown ups!

Little Mollie