Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baseball and Dog Parks

Mitchell's baseball games are on Sunday afternoons at Bay Area Park. While he warms up, Joe and I take the dogs to the dog park to run around and slobber on all the other dog owners out there. It's so funny to see their reactions to other dogs. Roux shows her teeth to anyone trying to come near Joe or Drew. Beignet has no idea where he is, or probably who he is for that matter....They had a good time and were worn out before Mitchell's game even started!

This kid gets cuter by the day

She did not leave their side...She was their "protector"!

I smell something!!!

Mitchell gave up football to play baseball year round and so far has been doing a really good job. He has been in a hitting slump for a while, but with the help of some private lessons has come a long way. He has been working on fundamentals and is making good contact with the ball now! I can't wait to watch him in the spring! Pony league ball teams are college names....let's hope he's drafted to the LSU Tigers or we will have a problem! Right now he is an AGGIE!!!! That's OK, it's a good school!

Throwdown at third!

I NEVER get tired watching him behind the plate!

Getting ready to steal second!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mitchell's New Friend

Mitchell has a new friend named Felix. Felix and his family just moved here from Spain. He is a precious kid who barely speaks English. Mitchell spent the night at their house last weekend and his family treated him to an "American" dinner. They had hotdogs and french fries. Mitchell told Felix's mother his favorite dessert was flan and she promised him some next time he visited. Well flash forward a week, and Felix is with us tonight....This little boy has the fortune of spending an evening with us while LSU is on TV....The first thing I taught him to say was "GEAUX TIGERS"...I also taught him "Hook Em Horns"....Two musts in our house! He called me "loco" (I think that means pretty! ha ha)

Broncos are on a ROLL!

Drew is really enjoying football. He is one of the youngest and definitely the smallest on the team. He doesn't get much playing time (YET), but when he does, he plays hard. Today, he made awesome blocks and prevented an extra point!!!

A visit from the Tooth Fairy

from the tooth fairy. He didn't realize the tooth fairy didn't pass until his room was clean, so he frantically cleaned his room spotless so that the fairy wouldn't trip over anything....Isn't that sweet of him! Here is a picture of his toothless grin on picture day.

Drew finally lost his first tooth. He was very excited to have a visit

Monday, September 7, 2009

Great Labor Day

What a great day to be on the water. The Flores' took out their boat and we met the Harmons out there. Drew and I got to tube. He liked it b/c Coach didn't go as fast as "Crazy Uncle Seth"....(I Like Crazy Uncle Seth - he tries to flip us out the tube!)

We have a prodigy in the house!

Not only is Drew a great football and baseball player, he is a very gifted pianist....Sit and take a listen!