Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another Birthday Letter from the Oldest

I can't believe I only have 1 1/2 years left with my boy at home! What will I do without him? I woke up this morning to find a nice three paged letter taped to my truck....Of course since I shared the other two, I'm going to share this one.

I know it's pathetic that I have a job and can't afford to buy you a real present. So all I can do is try my best. You are amazing, you know exactly how to be strict and teach us everything we will need in life without going overboard. You and Dad do the perfect "Good Cop Bad Cop" routine, but still let us have plenty of fun. It is very clear that Mitchell takes after Dad and I am the spitting image of you and I thank you for that. We may get on each others nerves from time to time, but it's just because we are the same.

Everyone in the family knows you are very under-appreciated, and I truly apologize. You do so much for everyone in this family and rarely receive a simple thank you. You mean the world to us and we couldn't function without you. I love you so much. It felt weird not riding to school with you this year and not being able to talk to you. I have so much to be thankful for in my life and an overwhelming majority of it is because of you. I get compliments everyday on my hair and my eyes. I tell them not to tell me, tell my mom b/c she is beautiful (and so is her truck).

As I get older, I am not home as much, but one of my favorite things to do is just spend time with you, dad, and my brothers. So happy 41st birthday. It may sound a TINY bit older, but you don't look it and you don't act like it. That's another thing, you are still so young and hip, you still know how to make me laugh and are not even close to being embarrassing.

So many of my friends say they hate their parents, but not me. They all know that I love ya'll and am not even close to being ashmed to admitting it. I can honestly say I know ya'll are there for me. So many parents are not there for their kids, but not mine. Once again, Happy Birthday, you deserve the best. Stay happy, stay healthy, and stay beautiful.....Spencer

P.S. You are what the sun is to our solar system.....Without you we would not function properly and drift off. Our family centers around you!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Team Party

Drew had his team party last night at Main Event. His trophy was the most expensive trophy in the history of football.....but it was nice, so I guess it's worth it...We will have to sell the cars and house to pay for it!

My boys are awesome

Joe is out of town and Spencer had to work, so Drew, Mitch, and I went to the mall this evening to shop a bit. When we got home, I got some homemade birthday notes. Here is a picture of Drew's. I need to translate it for you! It is adorable!

It says,

Dear Mom,
Happy Birthday. I love you xoxoxoxo. I love you so much. I know I couldn't buy you a birthday present, so I wrote you a card. I think you are the prettiest thing in the world. I can lie sometimes, but this time I'm not. I know I can be "noksis" (obnoxious) and I'm sorry. I love you, Love, Drew.

This next letter means TONS to mean b/c those of you that know Mitchell know that he is a young man of few words.

Mom, I know I can't buy you a nice coach purse or a fancy key ring like the one you got today, but I can give you one thing that to me, and to you, is a lot more valuable....LOVE. Something that everyone can say but few can really mean it as much as I mean it when I say it to you. I am not as cute or adorable as I was in 3rd grade, but I can try to spell things wrong and forget my periods (ha ha). Every family has someone that they blame everything on and you're that member in the Jefferies Family. ha ha We need a scapegoat for when we do something wrong and that just makes us love you more! I know you will probably post this on your blog just like everything else that goes on in your life. I never really get frustrated with you because I'm a pretty good son you gotta admit. Even when you had a bad day and yell at me for nothing, I still love you. I know to leave you alone and gt out of your hair. Happy 41st birthday you old fart. I just wrote this extensive letter to show you my love and appreciation for you, Mom. I love you!

Aren't my boys awesome!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's Crazy Over Here!

Drew's team is in the playoffs. That means football is now week by week. Kind of a double edged sword. Nice to keep winning, sucks to keep going to practice three days a week.

Mitchell had a double header today and they won both games - He beat the Rice Owls and the Miami Hurricanes! It was his first game with his sports goggles and they worked wonders. (He wore his contact last time). He is making great contact and doing a great job at 2nd base!

Liz and I played a little joke on our cheerleaders in class this week. I told them we were going to do a throw back to the 80's pep rally routine. I taught them two bits and firecracker firecracker. (I even demonstrated the Herkie - yes - I can still get off the ground) Needless to say, Varsity was mortified!!!! HOWEVER, that day at the Freshman game, the girls kept doing two bits and the parents roared! We also did a "retro pyramid" circa New Iberia Junior High - 1978!

That night, Varsity was invited to do the top 8 countdown at the local radio station, so we were able to give shout outs friends and family.

Joe and I went to a Costume party last night. It is so nice to be surrounded by good friends.
My Halloweenie and me (singer, Amy Winehouse)

Some pirates

Another bubble bath, and Amy Winehouse (me)

A bubble bath and bag of Jelly Bellys

The Gangsters

The Germans

Finally, Drew is having overnight company and they are trying out every costume in the chest....This is what happens when a Storm Trooper takes on Darth Vader....Be afraid, be very afraid!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Busy Weekend

It never stops in the Jefferies house!Friday night, my high school played it's biggest rival, Clear Lake - we beat them 49-21....That started me off to a wonderful weekend. Saturday, we all slept in and got ready for Drew's game. Joe took off to Pearland with Drew, Spencer and I went car shopping, and Mitch went to a friend's house.

Joe and I decided to sell Spencer's Eclipse. It was nickel and diming us and Spencer put up his money that he earned from working this summer (with help from Mom and Dad) and we got him a truck. It's very nice. It's a 2002 Dodge Ram Quad Cab(Candy Apple Red) with very low miles. After we bought the car I listed his other one on Craig's list and sold it Sunday morning. Everything worked out perfectly!
(Similar to this - his has running boards)

Drew's team has really been doing well. They have only lost two games, so it looks as though we are headed for playoffs! We asked him if he liked Football or Baseball more and he said FOOTBALL (THAT'S MY BOY! - MAYBE I WILL GET ONE OF THEM AT LSU!)

Because of the weather, Mitchell's team has had to make up several of their baseball games, so they had a double header yesterday. We knew he needed glasses, but didn't realize what a difference it would make. He now wears a contact in his left eye only when he practices/plays. Yesterday, he caught two pop flies and a line drive to 2nd. He normally plays catcher, but is seeing a lot of action at 2nd base, which is fun to watch! He also got some solid hits, which is building up his confidence - He attributes it all to being able to see!

Friday, October 9, 2009

I LOVE Coming Home!

Visiting home is the best. Drew and I played sick (cough cough) Thursday and Friday to visit Pop and Doucie. I'm going to the LSU/Florida game tomorrow and cannot wait! I got a new LSU shirt and new purple LSU clogs, so I'm ready!

It's nice to come home and visit. It was the first time I took the truck on a road trip and Drew and I drove in style. When we got to New Iberia, Pop took it for a drive to the bayou. We saw where the house boat once was and where they now have a barge they are fixing up! That's the first set of pictures.

That evening while I caught up on Grey's Anatomy, Doucie and Drew had a little Karoake session to "My Girl"

I Got Sunshine..........On a Cloudy Day.....

This morning, we headed to mass early to see my niece. She is in Pre-K and they attend mass every Friday morning. She demanded that we go and watch her sing! She is a precious little Porche!

After mass, we headed to the nursing home to celebrate my grandmother's 94th birthday. I don't know how many more birthdays she will have and want to savor every one with her. We stopped to get her a cake and surprised her with a visit. We sang Happy Birthday to her and brought the cake to the dining area for her to share with her friends. All of these old people love looking at Drew....They rarely see young kids and want to touch him....He gets a little freaked out about old people in diapers chasing after him in wheel chairs, but he was a trooper!
Her friends wishing her Happy Birthday

Some random old man that asked me to take a picture with him!

Great picture of the birthday girl....She's the reason I'm a teacher...she's the reason I can sing!!!

Three generations of Bouillion Women!

Me and my Gammie

Late this afternoon, Drew and I visited with the Jefferies Group. It was nice to sit and visit with Joe's two sisters. We don't get to see them much during the school year and it's nice to have a quality visit with them. I also got to play with my GREAT NEPHEW whom, I must admit, is a cutie pie...
Camden Coutois

Well I will post more later about the game..........I need my rest...tomorrow will be busy day...My Houston friends are telling me the only way we might win is if Tebow doesn't play....In the wise words of my brother "I'd rather win without him playing then lose with him playing" I concur......enough said.....GEAUX TIGERS! PEACE

Sunday, October 4, 2009

How On Earth Do You Play This!

So what do you do when it rains all day? You dig in drawers and find things you've never seen before. Drew came across a stack of albums and had no idea what they were. As you can see from the shock on his face, he was very excited to learn about "the old days". He said, "Can I bring it to school? We are studying History." I wish we had a turntable to play them!

Surprise, told you Spencer still lived with us...Here are a few pictures we took before going to dinner last night.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Broncos LOST!

We lost our game today, but I got great pictures. Drew plays both offense and defense. You can tell by the pictures that he is the smallest one on the team. On one block, he stuck to his guy until the guy flung him off like a flea....Look at this picture...It's priceless!

My little rag doll!

He is listening to his coach about how it hurts to lose!

More Blocks!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

More Sports!

So until football and fall baseball season is over, I will have nothing exciting to blog about except for my two sports boys! Spencer IS still a part of our family, he is just working now and is never home.

Glad to report all are making mostly A's with a couple B's in Physics and Math. Drew gets quite a few conduct marks for talking....I'm sure he gets his chattiness from his Daddy. You know Joe never shuts up! (wink)

Enjoy pictures from last weekends football....It was also Homecoming at Brook so I put a few pictures up from that too!