Monday, November 23, 2009

Another Catholic in our FAMILY!

After months of preparation and study and 22 years of attending the Catholic church, Joe confirmed on Sunday. He received the "True" Body and Blood of Christ. I am so happy for him. Mom and Dad were here to celebrate him joining the church. He will be blessed with so many graces.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Extreme Makeover

Drew desperately needed new bedding. I headed to Ross and found cute camo sheets. Drew wanted a "SOFT COMFORTER", so I found a matching comforter at Marshalls.
Comforter - 39
Sheets 12
Curtains - 9 (twin sheet)
Can of paint - 20

New room, priceless.......He said he doesn't want to be disturbed when he is in his room because he needs his beauty sleep!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pimped My Shoes

I have a couple of students in class who are entrepreneurs. They make a small fortune making T-shirts and "blinging" shoes for other students.

One of the guys begged me to give him a pair of old shoes and this is what he brought me!

My students definitely know how to "brown-nose"!


Updates on the Jefferies.....

Joe - Had his biggest month EVER...He is doing so well and maintaining TOP Salesman in the US! His next bonus check will be a big fat one! Way to GEAUX JEAUX!

Spencer - Has buckled down in school and is doing wonderful! He has his mind set on trying to get into LSU for pre-nursing and finishing off in New Orleans for his bachelor's. He is preparing to begin taking the SAT and ACT...Hopefully, he scores high enough to get out of state tuition waived. It will be nice for him to be near family if Baton Rouge is where he ends up! He can eat Rice and Gravy on Sunday's with Pop & Doucie!

Mitchell - He plays his last fall baseball game Sunday. He has shown a big interest, as of late, in playing the drums. We had to move them to the garage b/c THEY ARE LOUD........ He is getting really good and wants to take lessons.

Drew - Drew's team plays their first playoff game on Saturday. If they win...we keep going...If they lose - DONE DONE DONE DONE DONE. Double edged sword...I want them to win, but not playing taxi anymore sounds AWESOME!

Me - Tonight is our last Varsity football game...Kind of sad b/c I wanted the boy's to have a better season.......Things will slow down for me a bit and that's MUCH needed. I take the cheerleaders to competition mid-December, so there is a little break.

Saturday is the BIG GAME - LSU VS. ALABAMA---------------WE NEED TO REAUX'LL THEIR TIDE!!! I will be watching the game and I'm sure screaming at the TV!