Friday, January 29, 2010

Time for another Drewism!

Heading out to dinner the other night, he tells me...."Mom, I want to stay 7 b/c when you turn 9, they can send you to Juevy" I assured him that not cleaning his room would not warrant a trip to juevenile detention. He's not convinced b/c he keeps asking me about it.

Report cards are in...Spencer made STRAIGHT A's! Joe and I are so extremely proud of him. Mitchell made A's and 2 stinkin B's. He is taking some Freshman level advanced courses, so a "B" is still a great grade. They were both 1 point away from an A too....Those hurt! Drew had A's & B's also! Comments are "Chatty"! Go figure! Joe and I thank our lucky stars we have three awesome boys.

Baseball is in FULL SWING (ha ha) and Mitchell and Drew are both going to be playing. Drew was drafted to the Jayhawks. We don't know what team Mitchell is on yet. We bought them a net and tee for them to practice. Mitchell is out there every afternoon swinging away........then he hits his drums. Drew, of course, wants to do everything that Mitchell does, so it's Pete & RePete!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another Weekend Flies By!

Not much went on with the Jefferies this weekend. Spencer worked...Drew and Mitchell spent the night out.

Saturday, Joe and I shopped for new furniture for the pool area. We were lucky to find what we wanted and didn't have to sell one of our children to afford it!
Our new furniture! Can't wait for summer now!

Joe and I went to a fancy restaurant with our good friends and had a wonderful time. It's so nice to be with your husband and actually have a conversation without kids interrupting you. We forget what it's like to date!

Me and my handsome husband!

Me & my buddy, Callie

Sunday, I got up early and washed my truck, pressure washed the back patio, and cooked a pork loin...Hoping it last for dinner tonight, but it's looking slim! Mitchell and his friend, Corey, will be starting their baseball season soon, so my friend, Gena and me decided to get them ready with a few lessons.

Joe and I have started the new year off dieting. Joe has lost about 5 pounds and me about 4. When I got home from Mitchell's lesson, I saw this!

Drew trying to keep up with Daddy...Joe jumps rope for about 20 minutes every few days and the results are showing!

And finally, because I think my little boy is so freakn cute, you are forced to see another cute picture of T-Drew!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Two in One Day

Another post for the Jefferies and Porche Families!

I received an email from Spencer's English teacher today which made Joe and I smile! I get quite a few emails about Spencer, some not always great.......most not really that bad, but I still get nervous when I get one, so needless to say, this one made us happy! Read on......

Hi Gretchen,
I promised Spencer that I would email you, but I haven't gotten around to it. Sorry:( However, we were covering a poem by Emily Dickinson, and the first line is "A narrow fellow in the grass". I asked the students (as I have every year since I have taught this poem) to ponder the line and see if they know who this "narrow fellow" is. Many people were calling out, but Spencer said, "It's a snake." I was so surprised, I asked him to repeat it, which he did. No one has ever given me that response before on so little information! He's a brainiac!

My husband is Awesome

OK, this post is just for the Jefferies and Porche families....I'm going to leave it on here until Joe realizes I posted it and makes me take it down.

He received an email from his boss that was sent out to the sales force. I am so proud of him....Read below


Despite a challenging economy and equipment market, 2009 was a very strong year for EMS medical sales.
Total EMS medical sales exceeded $31 million and were up 15% overall.

Average territory sales reached $1.7 million with 3 territories exceeding $2 million (Joe, xxx and xxx) 2 territories exceeding $3 million (xxx and xxx).

Top 3 FSC % increases were:

* Joe Jefferies +75%

* ------------------ +25%

* ------------------ +19%

Top 3 FSC $ increases were:

* Joe Jefferies +$1,200,000

* -------------- +$420,000

* -------------- +$390,000

Congratulations to these 4 individuals.

I deleted the names of the other salesman for sake of privacy!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Needed Trip Home

Drew and I played hooky on Friday and headed for a three day weekend to Louisiana. My mom and dad had my niece for the weekend, so Drew had a blast with her. We had a day of shopping on Friday. I didn't realize there are 4 Dollar General stores in New Iberia. Drew is addicted to that store............We went to all 4 of them....two of them were visited more than once during our visit!

Friday we also had lunch at Joe's dad's house and got to visit with his dad, bonus mom, and sister. Drew got to feed the ducks in the bayou with grandad before the rain hit.

Friday night....we hit the best chili dog restaurant in the entire universe! Me, mom, dad, Drew, and Ashlyn headed to Duffy's Diner for dinner....It was fun until Ashlyn spilled her Coke all over my pants..........I introduced my mom to red box and we went home and the kids played their instruments and watched movies.

Saturday, we went to DOLLAR GENERAL AGAIN, and ran more errands. I went out Saturday night with one of my best friends, Keri, to a Mardi Gras ball....It was so much fun to see old friends. Really makes me sad that I don't live there anymore...New Iberia has such a proud culture!

Joe and the big boys stayed home and I'm sure had a good time! Enjoy the pictures.