Sunday, February 21, 2010

Child Labor!

What's the best thing about having three boys????? Getting them to help with yard work!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our first stage show!

Joe received a box of glow sticks for samples to give to EMS services....Well Mitchell thought it would be AWESOME to attach them to his drumsticks and turn off the lights and play a quick set for us. Of course, he made me tape it! So I guess, this was his first Light show!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

Mitchell has been practing the drums every day for HOURS. He is self taught and REALLY getting good. Even the neighbors agree that he is improving. (ha ha) I'm glad that he enjoys music as much as I do. That's one regret that I have.....I wish I learned a musical instrument. I would be a choir teacher today if I learned how to read music!.............Thanks Mom!
Along with Mitchell's passion for drums, he's been practicing baseball every day. The weather has been awful, so practice keeps getting postponed, but he is still out there every afternoon hitting buckets of balls. Joe even gets in on the action. Well, as you can imagine............ANYTHING MITCHELL DOES, DREW CAN DO BETTER (Ok, a little bit of Annie Get Your Gun music), or at least he tries to do it better. He has also taken up the drums and is actually not half bad! A MUCH cuter version of Ringo Starr

He too, is playing baseball!He practiced as catcher today and did an awesome job. Thanks to his daddy and brother. They have him in the yard every afternoon catching balls! Batter Up! A catcher in the making!!!