Friday, July 30, 2010

I heart Crabs!

Joe and I went to play golf today and it was hotter than h-e-double hockey sticks!

When we got home, Callie and I took a drive to Kemah and bought some crabs.  They were so full and Joe boiled them to perfection.

After teaching each of my friends (and Joe) the most efficient way of peeling them, they were gobbling down that sweet meat!

Nice to have the pool at our fingertips too!  The kids loved it!

Drew and the neighbor boys…So rambunctious in the water!


Little Trenton Flores saying “Cheese” for G (that’s what the tots call me)


John and Mollie….She never got out of the pool! IMG_1182

Trenton and his Dad playing catch with those awesome paddles from Doucie


Stacy, loving the heat at 26 weeks pregnant.IMG_1184 

My Iron Chef!


The group enjoying the grubIMG_1187

Mitchell and his friend Tristan…Tristan had never had crabs before and ate about a dozen of his own.IMG_1188

Joe relaxing after slaving over the boiling potIMG_1189

Dads and kiddos swimming in the poolIMG_1190

Here are the expecting mommies….So glad my days are over!IMG_1191

Drew and his friends winding down!IMG_1192

Callie beat them to the punch!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Juuusst sit right back and you’ll hear a tale….

Joe and the boys aren’t the boaters I want them to be.  SO…this morning, I decided to call my friend, Liz, to go for a ride with me.  I’ve only been up and down the lake a few times, but today we ventured out to Kemah and had lunch at a restaurant.

Now, there was a fishing tournament going on that we didn’t know about, so when three girls pulled up in our little green John boat next to these million dollar fishing boats….I’m not sure if they admired us or pitied us!  When we walked up to get a table, some man said……..”I admire you ladies”, then he laughed!  I said, “Don’t hate on my boat!”  Liz tried to get him to trade with us!

Then further down the water, some guys on a jet ski wanted to know why three girls were on a boat by themselves????  Like girls can’t do things like that!  They must not know any coonasses!  ha ha!



IMG_1176 IMG_1170 IMG_1171 IMG_1172   

We also had a great visit from Joe’s family this week…We shopped a lot and I didn’t take very many pictures!  This is all I got.  We enjoyed having them over so much!

Here is a great picture of Joe, his dad, and the boys.


My ADORABLE Great-Nephew (yikes!) IMG_1159My sisters-in-law, Deb, Mitch & Marilyn looking at Mitchell’s phone


Thursday, July 15, 2010

I’m a Lucky Girl!

I always blog about how great my kids are, and what a wonderful family I come from, but I am also lucky to have some of the most awesome friends ever.


Childhood Friends!

Tressie Buford Caubarreaux and I met in the 4th grade.  We have been best buddies ever since.  We cheered together through our Freshman year.  I can go months without talking to her, but the second I do, we are giggling and yapping like we spoke yesterday.  She is truly my best friend.

tressieKeri Trotter Leblanc  - Keri and I met in the 7th grade through cheerleading and we have been attached at the hip ever since.  She is another friend that I could not see not having in my life.  I wish I lived closer to her so that we could do more things together.  I have so much fun whenever we are out together….We even managed to live together and get into quite a bit of circumstance!  (ha ha)

mekeri Ashley Toups – TOUPS and I have gotten into so much trouble together throughout the years, that I can’t even count the times I’ve gotten punished from her house….. Maybe it had to do with Zack and Barry stealing cars in the 8th grade to come see us, but who knows!  Ashley and I were out together the first night Joe and I decided to “talk”, so I will always remember her for that!!!

Grown Up Friends

I’m lucky to be surrounded by some really good friends.  I’ve met some through work and some by working with their spouse!  I’m fortunate to call these women friends.  I know that they are a supportive group of strong women and love them to death!

Kim Rush – I met Kim her first year at Brook…I was hired to be her mentor!  Lord, I didn’t know what I was getting into b/c 6 years later….I’m still mentoring her!  I love that our husbands get along so well and that we can do things as couples!


Linda Smith – Linda and I met my first year at Brook.  She is honestly the best, most wholesome person you will ever meet.  My mom calls her “your Catholic friend”.  She and I share our deep faith and talk all the time about kids and how difficult it is to raise them the way we were raised and the struggles that face our generation!  I love her to death!


Callie Harmon – I worked with John, Callie’s husband and that’s how she and I met…….Callie and I share a passion for football…Even though she is a Longhorn, I still like her.  She is fun to shop with….She love my boys and Joe and I appreciate the friendship we have with her and John!  John will be the Athletic Trainer at another high school next year, so I hope we don’t lose touch!  I doubt we will!


Elizabeth Martin!  Liz and I have coached cheer together now for several years.  So many people said that we would want to kill each other, but barring a few little spats, we get along great.  We both avoid confrontation and aim to be people pleasers.  She is close to her family and so am I.


We work well together…She is strong in certain aspects of cheer and I in others….I think that makes us the perfect team!


OK, our cheerleaders did this in one of my classes!



Productive Days

It took me a while to get into the swing of things, but now I'm on a roll.  I have cleaned every closet, under every bed, cabinet, and drawer.  I pressure washed outside, painted outside doors, shampooed carpets, and painted a bedroom and two bedrooms.

The school year is so busy that we don't have time to do maintenance.  It's been nice being able to get things done.

We started back to school shopping for the boys....Drew is growing like a weed and all of his jeans fit him like capri pants.  Today, Mitch, Drew, and I went to the mall and hit Banana Republic, Lucky, Dillards, and Express for his school wardrobe.  I need a couple weeks before it's Spencer's turn!  They are worse than girls, but they are so good-looking and worth it.


This would have been a great picture if Mitchell wouldn’t have started tickling my stomach right before the picture was taken.


On a relaxing note………… I have been playing a little bit of golf.  Me, and two friends went out to a Par 3 course and enjoyed it thoroughly.  I don’t yet have the patience for a regular 18 hole course, this one is just fine!


This, I’m sure WAS NOT for birdie!


My pal Liz, trying to fish her ball out of the water.


This picture will be worth a lot of money one day!


Sunday, July 11, 2010


Finally a Sunday that Spencer can do something with us.  After church and grocery shopping, the ENTIRE Jefferies bunch piled into our lil John Boat and went for a ride.  Spencer had never been on a hydroslide before, so we ALL got lots of laughs trying to watch him get the hang of it….Just like Mitchell, it didn’t take him long.

IMG_1122 IMG_1131 IMG_1136 IMG_1141 IMG_1143 IMG_1144

We even got video of him wiping out!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

For My Momma

Part of our daily conversations…

“What did ya’ll do last night?  What did you cook?  How are the boys?”  It’s been slow and the weather has been so bad, so I thought I would sit in my chair and capture just what goes on in one evening at the Jefferies house.


First, Dinner – Tonight, I cooked meatloaf, nothing special! It was good and now it is GONE!


Secondly, this is where you will find Joe in the evenings…Usually with a cigar in one hand and a drink in the other!  It’s his “outside office”


You will usually find Mitchell upstairs on his drums, but tonight he is at a friend’s house….When Spencer comes home from work, it’s not long before the trail of boys (and Bianca) start to trickle in.


Finally, the remainder of the night is spent by all of us being tormenting by an 8 year old that may look a little familiar in the following pictures…….Tonight’s target….Beignet!

Here is Beignet and is beloved Duck….Soon, he will be a nervous wreck b/c Drew will be taking it from him and chasing him around the house with it.



IMG_1073So now you know how exciting our summer evenings are spent.  I know during the school year, I will be wishing for these lazy nights!