Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Goodbye to a Dear Friend



I just returned from a funeral in Louisiana for a childhood friend.  While, a very sad time, it was so good to see so many of the kids I grew up with.

Belair subdivision was not like any regular subdivision…it was a three block family.  In one square block, I had six sets of parents.  Seth, Steph, and I were always welcome into any house.  Mrs. Mary Jane ALWAYS had cookies for her three boys…I could always count on Mrs. Sue to have a freshly baked cake.  Mrs. Girdie had those awesome soft peppermints that melted in your mouth.  Mrs. Rosie always had pringles and RC cola (Sorry Dad…I drank it!)

Our families celebrated holidays together.  During Mardi Gras, we entertained the remainder of the subdivision with a parade, where the adults had a king and queen (King/Queen Oink Oink).  We were the Krewe of Belair.  We also vacationed together.  I remember so many times heading out to Belmont campground…We all had “pop-up” campers back then.  While the adults sat around and drank, the kids ran in the woods….played in the dirt, swung from tree ropes.  We also spent many Easters in Gross Tete at the Hebert’s camp.  We had talent shows, where Philip always won

!  The kids played by the fire (and chased each other with hot coat hangers from our weenie roasts….not much parental supervision there! ha ha)

The Strevas had one of the only pools in the neighborhood.  They were very generous when it came to all the neighbor kids begging to swim.  She had a flag system on the slide…We knew not to ask if the white flag was up….When the red flag went up, we all went screaming down the street………RED FLAAAAAG….RED FLAAAG….Mrs. Rosie put the RED FLAG UP!

So this week, my heart is heavy to say goodbye to JJ…He was our leader….always getting us into mischief!  Seth and I joined the Kiss fan club b/c JJ said that was the thing to do!  We also sat in our ditch by the cane field many times b/c we knew JJ would be riding his dirt bike through our yard on his way home.  If we were lucky, he’d give us a ride!

Over the years, the Belair Gang lost touch…..Most of the Fathers are now deceased.  We still have my Dad and Mr. Jerry in the original Belair block.  Gregory told JJ his plan was to have a Belair reunion…It never got off the ground.

Well, today, J, you pulled it together.  Although it wasn’t the best of circumstances, Phil says you were still the center of attention.

We promise to gather again in memory of you and all of the others we have lost.  You will be greatly missed by us all!

Here is an old video of Phil lip syncing his hit record “Gotta Be Tall to Play Basket ball”.  The flip side of the record was “Millers the Best Beer for Me”

The Belair parents!

(Top row:  Mr. Oswald, Mrs. Betty Jo, Mrs. Loretta, Mr. Jerry, Mrs. Gail, Mrs. Julie, Mr. Glenn, Mrs Norma, Mr. Bob, My Dad – Front: Mrs. Sandy, Mrs. Girdie, Mrs. Rosie, Mrs. Mary Jane, Mrs. Meredith, & My Mom)


The Belair kids!

(Top row: Philip Streva, Jackie Guillot, Seth Porche, Jim Leblanc, Jason Smith, Oswald Decuir, Johnny Hargrave – Squatting: Maria Streva, Lisa Streva, Stephanie Porche, Gretchen Porche, Robin Powell, Greg Lohr)


We all celebrated JJ’s life in the church hall after the burial and I snapped a few shots.

Mrs. Julie, Mrs. Girdie, & Mom


Jackie, Greg, & Jim


Same, plus me!


Me, Greg, My Bro, & My Sis IMG_1476

It’s also very seldom that my family is together, so we took the opportunity to snap a family photo….Unfortunately, my lens was foggy so they didn’t come out very well…When we tried again in the church hall, the glare got to us.

Seth, Steph, Mom, Dad & Me



Here are pics from the old “Krewe of Belair” Mardi Gras Group!

King Oink Oink, Mr. Glen – Second pic, second row…My Dad!  Sure hope those aren’t my mom’s panties!

mardigras 1



I believe the little midget sitting on the grass with the Rockin Dorothy Hamil haircut is me!  Seth is the little bobblehead in the brown toughskins behind the float!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sneak Peek

We took family pictures/Senior pictures yesterday evening.  She only has two ready and wanted to tease me a little.  Hopefully the proofs will be ready in the next few days.  I’m so pleased.


Click on the link to see two of them.

Are You Ready For Some Football?

I surely am.  The bad part will be that I will be glued to my phone checking my league points all day Sunday and Monday evening.

We all had our stats and orders of players and we enjoyed an afternoon of fun!

Here we are gathering strategy.  I had my lists color coded by team and positions.  I had updated the injured (from pre-season) list last night, so I was ready. Brooke (sitting next to me found my info quite helpful….She also texted her husband quite a bit)


My pretty friend, Hollie and the newbie, BrookeIMG_1432

Sally moved to Auburn, Alabama and skyped in on her computer to do the draft with us.  We miss her so much!IMG_1436

My partner in crime, Liz and another teammate, LauraIMG_1437

Look how hard Liz is concentratingIMG_1438

See all my papers spread out everywhere.IMG_1441

Me and Stacy, taking a break to pose.IMG_1442

Hollie had a rough draft, but ended up with some pretty good players.


No quite sure why I’m biting my lip…somebody probably took my next pick!


Brooke happy with her picks!


Saturday, August 28, 2010

1 Down 9 + Playoffs to GEAUX!

Space Raiders didn’t quite get the job done today.  We lost our first game 14-8.  Drew did a great job and I actually got some good pictures!

IMG_1408IMG_1431   IMG_1409  IMG_1411 IMG_1412 IMG_1413 IMG_1414 IMG_1415  IMG_1417     IMG_1422     IMG_1428  IMG_1430

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Somebody got their jersey today!

I believe he may sleep in it!  He is SOME EXCITED.  His first game is Saturday….I am the video volunteer, so I hope the coach’s don’t hear me hollering on film.

Not sure why they gave him 86 b/c he is not at all a receiver.  He will be starting Defensive End.

IMG_1406 IMG_1405


On another note…boys are doing great!

Spencer had me for his teacher in Accounting and he lasted two days.  That little shit dropped my class!  He did have a good reason.  He wanted to add Pre-Calculus to his schedule.  He did, however, fall ASLEEP IN MY CLASS TODAY! I guess it’s a good thing he dropped b/c I would have had to have a parent conference with myself! ha ha

He is taking some pretty tough classes.  Wrestling, Pre-AP Statistics, Pre-Calculus, Pre-AP Anatomy and Physiology, Speech, & then he goes to the local Junior College for Dual Credit in Government, Economics, & English.

He will begin his Freshman year in college with 33 credits. (He will go to summer school and the local Junior College for some basics before he starts at a 4 year university). 

He has already taken the SAT and did average on it.  He scored high enough to get in to Texas State (2nd choice) and UT San Antonio.  He is hoping to take the SAT and ACT and score high enough to get out of state tuition waived so he can get accepted into LSU.  He is also going to try and get into UT.  He is determined to succeed and we couldn’t be more proud.


Mitchell started off his Freshman Year confused.  The schedules are hard to read.  He looked around for his classes in the morning and then realized he was looking at the course section number instead of the class room number.  He also has a heavy load. 

He is taking Spanish II (a Sophomore/Junior/Senior) level class, Algebra I, Biology, Pre-AP English, Pre-AP World Geography, Introduction to Engineering and Design, and Wrestling.

Drew loves his teacher.  He said, “She is really old, like you and Dad”.  I think he is used to having brand new out of college teachers.

We will be up to our neck in Wrestling and Football and gym workouts for a long while!  Never a dull moment over here!

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School

Spencer & Mitchell


Drew – That was not the approved outfit…Evidently after I left this morning there was a wardrobe malfunction/meltdown.

IMG_1404As usual, Mitchell had to have every piece of paper filled out and signed immediately.  We stopped for his school supplies on the way home and they are already labeled and in backpack.

Spencer, no list of supplies, has no idea what he needs and isn’t even home to get them.

Drew…..left his assignment for tonight in his binder at school.

This may be a rough year!

Because we had a teacher that didn’t have a full schedule, I created extra sections of the course I teach and gave him some of my classes.  Therefore, my class size is relatively smaller than I’m used to.  My second period is stacked with boys….not one girl in the entire period……….If they think they are going to get me this year, they better WATCH OUT!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ladies of Clear Brook

Last year, a coach’s wife and myself decided it would be a fun idea to get all of the coach’s wives together before football season and have a brunch.  It was a success and this year we decided to expand the list to others that go to football games and support the Clear Brook Wolverines.

We had football wives, a soccer wife, a baseball wife, and two cheer coaches!  In my opinion the wives are the backbone of the coaching staff, so when the ladies are happy….everyone is happy!

We had lots of food and Hollie and I thought there was waaay too much….These football ladies can eat!  We tackled all of the good eats…much fun this morning!

My centerpiece.


The table with all the goodies, french toast casserole, breakfast casserole, sausage balls, beignets, fruit, dip, punch and mimosas!


Me and my bestie, Liz!


The original, “Ladies of Brook”  I think next year, we need hats and boas like the purple hat ladies……..NOT!IMG_1396

Friday, August 20, 2010

When did my boys become young men?

I guess this will be a year of reflection for Joe and me.  We are so lucky to have three good kids.   I guess with the beginning of this school year, I will be sad and happy for all of Mitchell’s high school first, and Spencer’s final year…..

Just look how my family has grown!

This picture is of Mitchell’s first day of Kindergarten…He will now be a Freshman  in high school…Holy Moly!

IMG_1383They loved sitting in the laundry basket while I pushed them around the den.  Spencer lived in costumes.  I guess that day, he was Batman.  (Spencer 3 1/2, Mitchell 6 mths) IMG_1381

When my nieces came to visit, I left them alone with my boys…I come home to find that they dressed Spencer up in their bathing suits and put makeup on him.  I know one day, this will be blackmail.  He was in 2nd grade here.


This is Spencer’s Freshman year in football….Broke a finger and hated every bit of it!


This little pip-squeak is starting the third grade.  I could pinch his face off when I see him in his glasses!  I would give anything to roll back the clock and have him this young again!IMG_1374LSU tailgating for the Arkansas game.  If you look in his hands, you will see a Razorback.  He is an LSU nut in training.  IMG_1376I will cherish every moment we have had turning these boys into young men.  God knew what he was doing when he filled my home with boys!  I wouldn’t want it any other way.

 IMG_1377 IMG_1378 IMG_1379 IMG_1380