Monday, September 27, 2010

Having SEW Much Fun

I have a couple friends that are expecting babies soon and I decided to try my hand at decorating burp clothes.  It’s SEW easy and I enjoy making them.  Too bad neither of them would appreciate an LSU one!



Jefferies Update

Spencer – Went to Austin this weekend and fell in love.  He told me it was a life changing experience for him.  I see him thriving in Austin.  Hopefully, he goes to Texas State and gets to spend his weekends in Austin.

He got to visit UT (while they were tailgating) and soaked it all in.  He went with some friends and his friend’s Aunt.  They had a great time.


Mitchell – Both he and Spencer are working hard in wrestling.  The assistant coach told me last week what great kids Joe and I had.  That always makes me proud to hear.  They stayed after practice and assisted him with a few things.  Mitchell is doing really well as a Freshman…grades are GREAT.  He has a crush on one of my cheerleaders, so all of a sudden is very interested in my cheer practice schedule.


Drew – Space Raider football consumes all of Drew’s time.  His team is undefeated.  We played the Dickinson Gators (the only other undefeated team) Saturday and beat them 12-6.  If you want to click on this link, you can watch some of the game.  His number is 86.  He is a Defensive End!


Joe – Traveling, doing well in sales (GEAUX Joe)

Me – Very glad that Homecoming week is over.  I’m exhausted.  Not sure I will be doing cheer much longer….May be hanging up my pom-pons!

Me and my friend, Liz, are heading to Tiger Stadium Saturday to watch the LSU vs. Tennessee game.  Another couple will meet us there (Vol fans).  I’m looking forward to being in Death Valley!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Found My New Profile Picture


Drew’s team won today 21-0.  While video taping for the coaches, I tried to snap a few of Drew.  As you can see from the score, Defense didn’t get to play that much.  He is really getting good and it’s fun to watch him.

IMG_1488 IMG_1489 IMG_1491

Saturday, September 4, 2010


We got our family pictures in today.  I have got to say they are so awesome.  Sabrina did such a great job.  I will have prints made, so Jefferies & Porche families, you will all be getting many copies.

Warning….there are pictures of the boys in their Space Raider uniforms…Yes, it may be cheesy, but I wanted them all showing what we have had so much fun doing while they were growing up!





jefferies7 jefferies5

jefferies39 jefferies1a   jefferies10 jefferies10a  jefferies11 jefferies13 jefferies14a jefferies14b   jefferies17   jefferies20 jefferies21  jefferies23   jefferies29  jefferies32  jefferies33  jefferies34 jefferies37 jefferies38

Here are Spencer’s senior pictures….Most of you wonder why I did them so early!  WELL, as you know, my son likes his hair long and wants to grow it out.  I wanted to capture the short hair look while I still could!

Spencer001 Spencer002 Spencer003 Spencer004 Spencer005 Spencer006 Spencer007 Spencer008 Spencer009   Spencer012  Spencer014 Spencer015

Thursday, September 2, 2010

More Proofs

I’m anxiously awaiting the rest of Spencer’s proofs.  The photographer is a friend of mine, so she is teasing me by giving me a little at a time.

I’m being patient b/c I know the end product will be awesome.

OK, Porche & Jefferies families….go to this site and take a look.