Sunday, November 28, 2010

Division Champ Party

Today was Drew’s end of year party of the Space Raiders.  The party was held at Main Event, the most obnoxious party place on earth, next to Chuckie Cheese. 

Drew’s coach had great things to say about him.  He called him a mighty mouse and said he knew the opponents were shocked when they decided to run the ball on Drew’s side and realized he was not going to let them get past him.

We have been lucky that all of the boys have been coached by the same guy, Larry Pinsky.  He and Coach Doyle started the league 41 years ago.  Coach Pinsky has been coaching the Freshman Space Raider team for 41 years.

The football pads have been put up and the bat has been picked up! 

Team pic – Mighty Mouse in the front!

IMG_1969 IMG_1960  IMG_1962 IMG_1963

Coach Pinksy  IMG_1964

I know he’s thinking, “Look, just give me my trophy, please!”  IMG_1966 IMG_1967 IMG_1968

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I’m Thankful For



and THIS


and THIS!



I’m thankful for a wonderful husband, who is a great provider.  I’m thankful for  great family and friends.  I’m thankful that we are all employed, healthy, and happy!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

What a Great Tournament

Today, Clear Brook Wrestling went to St. Thomas High School and competed against 11 other schools.  It was a pretty big tournament and Joe and I didn’t really know what to expect.  (Neither did the boys).  Spencer moved up to the 145lb weight class and was a little worried.

He did an awesome job considering some of these guys outweigh him by about 10 lbs regularly.  He and Mitch work all week long, eating like mice to maintain their weight to wrestle.  Spencer wants to go back to the 140 weight class.  He thinks he will be more competitive.  Mitchell is wrestling in the beastly 103 lb weight class.  We are so proud that they are both wrestling their first year and made varsity.

It was a double elimination tournament.  Mitchell lost his first, won 2nd & 3rd, & lost 4th.  He won 4th place.

Spencer won 1st, lost 2nd, won 3rd, lost 4th.  He also won 4th place.

Mitchell and I were sitting in the bleachers and he said, “Mom, I’ve had more fun today than all my years in football and baseball.”  Those of you that know Mitchell know he is a man of few words, so he must really like wrestling!

Here are some good pictures from today!  Grandparents, enjoy!

Mitch warming up before 1st match


Spencer’s 2nd match

IMG_1804 IMG_1805

Mitchell getting ready to pin a guy in about 20 seconds!  Getting pumped up by the team captain.

 IMG_1817 IMG_1819

I love this picture!


Spencer going at it!


The guys that made it to the final round getting pumped up! (Spencer has his hood on…Mitchell is next to him <not the black guy>)


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our Annual Elf Yourself!

Times Have Changed!

I remember anxiously waiting for the Sears catalog to come in so I could browse through all the toys and pick what I wanted for Christmas.  I vividly remember two presents like I got them yesterday.  My favorite, a bright blue satin jacket with Shaun Cassidy’s picture on the back of it, and the head of Cher.  I was able to put makeup on her face and brush her hair.

Tonight, Drew grabbed Joe’s laptop, logged on to ToysRUs and added everything he wanted to his “shopping cart”.  He then printed it and handed it to me…totaled and everything!

IMG_1799 IMG_1796

What a Match

Joe and I got to go to our first wrestling match last night to watch the boys and it was awesome. Mitch didn't get to wrestle b/c he didn't make weight. However, nobody from the other schools showed up in his weight class, so he wouldn't have gotten to wrestle anyway. He needs to lose .7 lbs (yes less than one pound) before Friday. Spencer wrestled a guy that went to state last year. The coach came up to Joe and me and told us that before the match. I said, "Great...we drove all the way up here to see Spencer get his butt whipped and Mitch can't even wrestle". The coach said, "Spencer may surprise a lot of people this year!" Well, did he ever! His match lasted the entire 6 minutes. It was tit for tat...2-2 4-4 6-6 9-9...then Spencer had the lead with 12-9. There was so much yelling and screaming going on...I really thought Spencer was going to lose b/c he was a white as a ghost and mostly on the bottom, but with 20 seconds left in the match, flipped his opponent and pinned him.....HE WON! His opponent's parents were sitting behind us and were shocked when I told them that it was the third time he had ever wrestled in a match. The mom told me it was nice to see an evenly matched fight even though her son lost. I can't wait for Friday and Saturday to watch it again. Drew is anxious to start now. He is already hitting Joe and me at the knees when we least expect it!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wayne Toups

About 5 months ago, some friends and I looked up Wayne’s tour dates.  They were big fans of his and we noticed he was playing at the Armadillo Ballroom in Brazoria, Texas.  I put the date in my phone and forgot about it.  A couple of weekends ago, we went out to eat with the couple and started talking about it and decided to go.  OMG, we had such a good time!  We brought another couple with us.  He was raised in Baton Rouge and went to school at Nichols so we felt right at home.


The opening band plays  in Austin (alot) and Joel’s wife, Brooke, really was excited to get to see them perform. 

150008_1676554163908_1539098490_31700416_1917461_n 148760_1676553923902_1539098490_31700414_7435946_n 149660_1676554563918_1539098490_31700418_6827376_n


Every guy with a mullet, Hollie would say, “Is that Wayne???  Right before he went on, he and his entourage were standing right off stage.  I said, “There he is…let’s go get him”  Nobody in the place really knew who he was.  I just walked right up to him and said, “Hey Wayne, take a picture with me”, and he did!

Me & Wayne


Jake & Wayne


Wayne, Me, & Joel (Joe missed it…he was in the restroom)74207_1676553123882_1539098490_31700406_8092791_n

Then the party began.  As I was in the restroom, I heard some familiar chatter.  I said, “I hear some coonasses in here”  They responded, “Takes one to know one!”  It was some girls from Churchpoint that just decided to drive 4 hours to hear Wayne.  They were lots of fun too!  In some of the pics, you can see me dancing with them!

149514_1676553563893_1539098490_31700411_6900453_n 40137_1676551323837_1539098490_31700393_2105534_n 73057_1676552043855_1539098490_31700398_3579990_n 73546_1676549643795_1539098490_31700379_3263454_n 73883_1676550643820_1539098490_31700387_1120179_n 76077_1676553403889_1539098490_31700409_4386643_n 76936_1676553803899_1539098490_31700413_5207857_n 149508_1676552323862_1539098490_31700400_6573555_n


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Looking Back

Over the last couple nights, I have been watching old family tapes. Laughing, crying, and remembering the houses we've lived in, the friends we've had, the family members we've lost, and the neices and nephews that are now grown with children of their own. I put together a little video of a few of my fond memories. There are so many, but these are the clips I chose! Family members, enjoy

Monday, November 8, 2010

Don’t Blink

They grow up too fast.  As I was looking at some of our family video, I came across some clips I thought were funny.

In this one, Spencer is trying to do some flips…Mitchell keeps throwing stuff at him. You can see Spencer dart off the trampoline to beat Mitch and then all you hear is Mitchell scream. The love between two brothers is amazing! You even hear Spencer and Joe warning Mitchell to stop...didn't work! I believe Spencer was in the 5th grade and Mitchell in the 2nd when this was shot.

Then it's Mitchell's turn

And precious little Drew

Video Highlights

OK, Only family members will be interested in this. Someone has already told me they don't like watching the videos I post,so just a warning....FAMILY ONLY!

Joe and I were assigned the wonderful task of video taping the games for the season. The coach put together some highlights, so I decided to upload it to YOU TUBE and share it. Enjoy!

Click HERE

We are so proud of Drew...He is number 86...Defensive End!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Today was the first official day of wrestling season for Spencer and Mitchell.  Clear Brook hosted a “wrestle off”.  It was the first time I had ever seen them wrestle and I was very proud of them.  They each wrestled one match and beat their opponents by pinning them.




I didn't get Mitchell's pin because he did it too fast! I will be ready next time!

IMG_1725IMG_1729 IMG_1723  IMG_1726 IMG_1727 IMG_1728



Spencer's Pin!

 IMG_1737 IMG_1738 IMG_1739 IMG_1740 IMG_1752IMG_1741 IMG_1744 IMG_1747 IMG_1749 IMG_1750

On a depressing note, Drew's football team lost their game today 7-0. Had they won, they would have played in their league's superbowl. I'm a little sad because the older boy's have each gotten to play in a superbowl. We told him he's got three more years to get to one. While I was at the wrestling match, Joe was at the game. Joe said after the game, he was the only kid on the team not crying over the loss. I guess he isn't bothered about it, which is good!