Monday, March 28, 2011

Spencer’s first movie

Spencer’s friends signed a music deal in Hollywood…WELL, the guy who directed their video is in film school and asked Spencer and Mitchell if they would like to be in one of his short films.  They jumped at the chance to add something to their portfolio.

Spencer is the lead and for his first time on film, I think, did a fantastic job.  Mitch is in the beginning classroom scene(far left near board) and then in a hall scene (on cell phone).  Spencer’s girlfriend, Bianca, is also in it…She’s the petite brunette he keeps staring at throughout the movie.  Enjoy…We are so proud of him.


THE DESK – Written and Produced by Albert Gonzalez

Thursday, March 17, 2011


It’s 10:00 a.m. and the boys are still asleep!  Enough said!


The maids are here cleaning and the boys were all kicked out of their rooms for a bit…They found other places to crash!

The couch!


Sheetless bed (in washer)!  Nice clean sheets…can’t beat it!IMG_2707

What have we done?  Not a darn thing!  Spencer started back working at Freebirds and is closing every night this week.  He impressed the Regional Manager’s father ( He assisted with his refill and was very polite!  haha…that’s my boy!) last night, so he is on the right path to Team Leader!

Joe had a tradeshow in Houston this week and is traveling the area with manufacturers reps.

Mitchell has spent the last few days with friends…His two besties went out of town and he was forced to watch a movie with his parents last night.  If you know the mind of a 14 year old, that’s torture!

Drew and I are just chillin.  We run our daily errands, he picks on me constantly, I buy him a wrestler to leave me alone and it works.  We went to a baseball game to see Clear Brook play and that’s about it!


Hope everyone had just as a relaxing time as I have.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Joe and I had an eventful weekend.  Friday night, Joe had a tradeshow and the boys had so many kids spend the night, I couldn’t keep count.  The bottom of our stairs looked like a shoe store b/c I won’t let them wear shoes on the carpet.

Saturday, Joe and I escaped with some friends of ours and went to the Rodeo.  It’s so much fun to get to walk around together and enjoy all Houston has to offer.

Kim and David


Me and Jose!


Me and Kim


Joe and his new cowboy boots.   His dad would be so proud!IMG_2644He got new boots and I tried to talk him into this Dodge Ram Laramie “Longhorn” edition.  He wasn’t having it!IMG_2645Newborn piglets

IMG_2648Joe and me taking a break

IMG_2653Calf roping. This kid was from our school district.

IMG_2656IMG_2659Barrel racing.  These women are awesome!IMG_2666We ended the night with a concert from Gary Allen.  He was really good!



This is my favorite time of year.  I told Joe yesterday that if I can’t be in Louisiana, then I’m bringing Louisiana here…He has no choice!  He has to boil crawfish when the craving hits.  He does a fantastic job too.

We kicked off Spring Break with some crawfish and good friends.

The guests of honor!

IMG_2687The little Flores boys always make a party better looking!


Joe and Joel watching over the boiling pot.IMG_2688Drew and Trenton tormenting a crawfish.  Look how it’s up and ready to attack!


Zoe carried around this LIVE crawfish as a pet.  She wasn’t scared of it at all!


Joe fell through a chair.  Before I helped him up…I had to get this on film.

IMG_2703Brooke eating a cookie and drinking a beer!  Nothing wrong with that!