Thursday, September 29, 2011

Homecoming Week

Other than cheerleading tryouts, homecoming is the busiest week of the year for me.  The week begins with spirit days.  The cheerleaders practice each day for their pep rally routine.  We have a homecoming parade on Wednesday and a JV game on Thursday.

Friday is madness.  Our school shuts down around 11 and each organization on campus hosts a booth of either food, games, drinks.  Lots of fun things for the student body to do.  When they are all excited and sugared up, the administrators corral them into the gym and Liz and I put on a 50 minute pep rally with skits, cheers, games, etc.  Friday night is the game and then Saturday I am exhausted!

Here are a few of the pictures I captured this week during the spirit dress up days.

Some of the football players came to strut their stuff during “Fashion Disaster” day.  I think I owned one of those suits in the early 90’s!




Two of my students dressed up as “White Chicks” for twin day! Yes, they are both boys.  I graduated from high school with the kid on the right’s daddy.  He’s rockin that coach purse.



I don’t know what dress up day this was but my girls wanted me to put on the Afro wig, so I obliged!

IMG_1069I then had to take a picture with all of my “sister” cheerleaders!  Because I get so dark in the summertime, they swear I’m half black anyway.  I guess this only proves their point.


Here are my cheerleaders (and some of the football players) at the parade.IMG_1072 IMG_1074 IMG_1075

Today was “good guy/bad guy” day.  Liz and I dressed as the “Good Witch & the Wicked Witch”  When I told Joe what I was dressing up as, his reply was “Appropriate!”  I’ll get him, and his little dog too!  BTW, we we drove up to school this morning, Mitchell left skid marks in the parking lot b/c he couldn’t get away from me fast enough!  He definitely doesn’t deserve a spirit stick!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Random Phone Pictures!

I LOVE my iPhone.  I decided to post random pictures and explain why I have them on my phone!

I super love this picture of me and Liz.  I used it for the media guide this year.


My friend, Hollie’s precious new baby!


It’s always freezing in my classroom.  I keep an LSU blanket and an LSU snuggie in my room for my kiddos…First come first serve.  Sometimes, these kids crack me up and I want their picture!


Several years ago, we let the cheerleaders give us a tattoo (with sharpies, of course).  Can you guess which one mine is? (the left)


My cheerleaders rockin an 80’s pyramid!


Two of my favorite kids that graduated last year!  I loved watching Keaton play baseball.  I have no excuse to go to the games this year!  He would ask me every week to go and watch him.  He’s now playing in college.IMG_0306

With my mom in Charming Charlies in May!  That hat was actually a headband.  Should have gotten it to watch the royal wedding!  Wait, who am I kidding…I didn’t get up and watch the royal wedding!


My injury from the fight Liz and I got caught in.  My foot was sprained and it hurt like a son of a gun!


Worst Racoon eyes I have ever had!  But if you can’t laugh at yourself, what’s the point?


Me and Joe’s first house.  It cost us $102,000 and we thought we had hit the mother load.  Our house note was $830.  MAN, if we were still in that house, it would be a couple years from being paid off!


My sweet boy sleeping after wrestling camp!  Thanks Coach Denny for tiring him out!


First day of 4th grade.  Joe sent me this picture!


This is so funny b/c the dogs were staring at a corndog sitting on the dresser!  I’m not sure if they were waiting for me to leave the room so they could snag it or not!IMG_0968

Yes, that’s a chicken and a wolverine in my classroom.  I never once said my classroom was boring!  The girl in the back was terrified.


Why it most certainly is an LSU PillowPet…DON’T JUDGE ME!IMG_0979

Airsoft anyone?


Trying to make Joe jealous while I was eating tamales one day for lunch!IMG_0994

I Got Nuthin!

It’s so busy these days that I don’t have time to blog much.  Joe is traveling just about every week.  Drew has football practice 3 days a week + Saturday games.  Mitchell has open wrestling mat practice.  Spencer is going to UH Monday, Wednesday, & Friday, and working the rest of the week.  I have cheer practice and games 3 days a week.


We pass each other in the driveway!  When Joe is home, he is great about taking Drew to practice.  I had to do a little bargaining with him, but it’s worth me staying home for a night or two during the week!

All the boys are great.  Work is great.  Joe’s sales numbers are fantastic! 

I try to sit back and enjoy these times b/c Joe and I realize the boys are going to be gone before we know it.  Spencer is rarely home now…Mitch is 15, so barely speaks to us….HOWEVER, we still have lil Drew Bou to give us our kid fix.  He curls up in bed with us every night to watch Man vs. Food with his Dad and he’s very good with giving us good night kisses.  When I have a long day at work, I long for my snuggle time with Drew!


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Das Ma Boy

Space Raiders beat the Galveston Hurricanes 13-0 today.  It was a tough game…Dem Canes is big yea!

Drew played strictly defense today.  OK, I’m hurrying to post because the Tigers come on in 20 minutes…Here you go Momma!