Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat DUDE

Isn’t he precious?  I think he could wear a paper bag and I will still be in love with this little fella!

Happy Halloween!



Sunday, October 30, 2011

Class of 86 is still in the Mix!

What an awesome birthday weekend!  I took off for Louisiana Thursday night for a fun filled class reunion.  Friday, I met some of my high school friends for lunch and our school’s pep rally.  We sat and giggled for a couple hours at Bojangles.  I didn’t realize how much I missed them until I got to see them.  Made leaving yesterday rough.  You never make better friends than the ones you grew up with.  We all picked up right where we left off.

Me, Tressie, Keri, & Kim


Tressie, Keri, & Kim


Me and one of my former cheerleaders.  She was celebrating her 10th year reunion.


Lots of pictures of me and my bff!


Senior class.  NISH has always had the most fun pep rallys!


Friday night, my parents took me to Landrys to celebrate my birthday.  It was an all you can eat seafood buffet!  Talk about good, yea!

IMG_3684 IMG_3679

The ducks were trying to decide if they wanted to get into the pond.  It was pretty cold!


My mom being silly…or trying to look young!


Saturday night was the reunion.  Keri’s mother in law had her 70th birthday party.  We all went there before the reunion.  Keri designed her inlaws house and it is 11,000 sq feet of absolute beautiful.  I was so proud of her.

The mural in Mr. Tommy’s office.  The girls are all pointing to “Da Berry” (Well Kelly and Tressie aren’t….not so good in geography I guess)


Mrs. Mary Carol’s cake.  How gorgeous


Their pool and my buddy Chad!


Master suite


My girlfriends (the master architect is second from left)



Then we headed to the reunion…OMG..I had a blast seeing friends I haven’t seen in years.

Mike, Tressie, Me, & Monty


Tribbey (party crasher), Me, & Mike

IMG_3701 IMG_3702

Me and Jason.  Jason finds me every 5 years to talk to me.  He also stalked me in the halls in high school.  At prom, I got punished for not wanting to dance with him.  Yes, my MOM was a chaperone at my senior prom.  Jason has a good heart and spotted me the second I walked through the door!


My first grade friend.  Erin Keegan.  We played barbies and rode bikes all the time.  She told me a story about us “pretending” to play married couples.  She said I would always say, “OK, our husbands are Elvis and Elton John”  Before I gave her a chance to pick, I would scream “ELVIS is my HUSBAND”.  She said she got stuck with Elton John every time!  Isn’t it funny how some people remember stories.  I have no recollection!

She also said she would look at me on the bus and admire my pretty cheek bones and said my makeup would glisten in the sun.   I love Erin for her kindness.  She was always so sweet and she is a beautiful person!


Crazy Jenny & Tammy.  I still don’t know who the old man was.

IMG_3720 IMG_3721

Crazy Judith!  Her daughter was on the Homecoming Court.


Me, (My 9th & 10th grade boyfriend) Tribbey, & my other bff Tressie


After we shut the reunion down, we went to “The CAMP” .  One of our favorite high school bands “5th Avenue” was playing.  Talk about bring back memories.

Me and Keri


Me and Joel Jones.  He was my dancing buddy b/c our spouses weren’t able to go.  We reminced about our hunting trips.  My dad would take Joel hunting.  We hung out so much together.  I forgot how much I enjoyed being with him.  The second I saw him he yelled “Gretchen Claire”!  How funny that he remembered my middle name after 25 years.  We would hang out for hours talking about who he crushed on and how obsessed I was with my boyfriend.


As you can see we had loads of fun on the dance floor!

IMG_1264 IMG_1265 

Joe is definitely going with me to the 30!  I must have heard….Where is Joe about 100 times.  Some of his highschool friends married girls my age and were looking forward to seeing Joe.  I did find out that my husband spent some time in the slammer and was on probation for some time after a weekend of partying and cutting up!  He should have been there to defend himself!  haha

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Party Animals

What’s a middle aged couple do on a Saturday night when all three boys are out?  You play fetch with the dog…that’s what!  When did we become such losers that we find this so cute and amusing?

Beignet has a few tennis balls around the house that he loves.  He will bring them to Joe, Joe throws them, Beignet retrieves them and it goes over and over…  You all must realize that this is a great feat for our dumb little Cocker Spaniel.  This dog has yet to realize that you pee outside.

It’s all about the cure!

We have been surrounded by PINK and I love it!

Drew’s teammate lost him mom last week.  She had a 1 yr battle with breast cancer and lost the fight.  Her memorial service was Friday night and Drew’s entire team went to pay their respects and support their teammate.

Today at the game, they had pink eye shields.  He put his number on one and “Doucie” on the other.  He was playing for my mom, who is a 10 year survivor. 

IMG_1177I wish that he would have been able to meet his “Mujer”, Joe’s mom.  What an awesome lady she was.  I couldn’t have asked for a more loving mother in law.  Mujer lost her battle almost 15 years ago.  We miss her so much.

My principal is doing the Avon Cancer walk in North Carolina this weekend for her mom and other friends stricken.  I got a sweet text/picture from  her this morning.  I asked her to run for my mom and she sent me a sweet reply!  Ignore the reply in green…I was a little excited about beating our rivals last night!


Our dance teacher is a survivor and our head coach’s wife is fighting a battle right now.  Liz, Cristina and I spent the afternoon in the hospital visiting with her and Coach Lanier.  A local church quilted her a blanket and she was tickled “PINK”.  My mom calls her cancer sisters “Bosom Buddies”.  It’s truly a sisterhood.  So many people are affected with this horrible disease.  I pray one day that a cure will be found.



IMG_1176 IMG_1128 IMG_1169

Thursday, October 13, 2011

No Blockin Baby….No Blockin from the Backside!

A friend of mine captured this picture of Drew from last week’s game.  She had it posted on facebook and somebody commented that he looked terrified.  I’m sure the grief his big brothers give him is nothing compared to this illegal block.  Sad thing is they didn’t throw a flag. 

I still like the picture though!


Mitch and his music

Year before last, Santa brought Mitch some drums.  This year, he wants Santa to bring him an acoustic guitar that plugs in to an amp.  We shopped and Santa may have found a coupon to Guitar Center.

So proud of him!  He’s 100% self taught.  He inherited his ear for music from his momma!  Dad is tone deaf, but we love him anyway!

Sunday, October 9, 2011