Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It’s a Zoo around here!

Well, not really a zoo, more like a livestock show and auction.  My responsibility as the Career and Technology Department Head consists of supporting our Agriculture teachers each year at the district’s auction.  I also had a cheerleader and several students showing animals.  It does NOT smell very nice in there, so I’m glad my nose has been stuffy!  I managed a few pictures.

This one is my favorite.  This goat kept neighing (?) at me.  I would call him over to me and every time he tried to come, another goat would buck him away


Here are some more of Cows, pigs, & bunnies


This picture cracks me up.




This is Ruger, my cheerleaders pig.  He’s been sick and didn’t place.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our 4th Son

As most of you know, Spencer’s best friend lived with us for several months recently.  Coleman has been working really hard getting his music out there and we are so proud of him.  He is a 2009 graduate of Clear Brook and came to visit school right before the holidays with a GRAMMY invitation.  I wanted a story done on them, so we immediately found the CBTV teacher (He’s in my department, so I pulled some strings), and I got to interview he and Chris for a segment. 

Way to GEAUX Coleman!!! Yes, Mother, that’s my voice interviewing them (Always a stage mom…haha!)

Mitchell Mania Part II

We are elbow deep in Wrestling season.  That’s really all we’ve been doing, so of course, that’s all I have to blog about.  Here are some updates.


Drew Boo – LOVES LOVES LOVES his new school.  They are allowed to bring e-readers to school, so he “stole” my NOOK, archived my books, put his books on the front slide and changed the passcode.  He told me he learns more “PER DAY” than he did at his old school.  He started his music elective and we had to order a recorder for him.  He is getting a purple one (geaux figure).  I told him the first thing he needs to learn was the Tiger song.  I started singing it and he said, “Mom…my teacher won’t know that song!”  He is signed up for soccer and that starts soon.


Spencer started a new semester Tuesday.  He goes from 8:30-4 on Tuesday/Thursday.  He is carrying 12 hrs.  He is already classified as a Sophomore b/c he had so many dual credit hours.  He is asserting his independence, but still needs help from Joe and Me. (Locking keys in the car, scheduling classes, gas money).  The only stuff parents are good for!  He is still working at BJs and has been moved to one of their main TAKE OUT guys.  He loves the tips (so do I).  We are very proud of our oldest!

Mitchell has been kicking butt and taking names in wrestling.  District is in a couple weeks.  If he places 1st or 2nd, he will advance to Regionals.  His weight class is pretty tough this year, so we will see.  We are so proud of him.  He had a practice PSAT test and scored way above the national average.  When he takes the test for real next year, we are hoping he does well. 

Joe – working and traveling.  He has done a phenomenal job with his sales numbers and we are so proud he is a good provider.

Me – I’m the VP of Wrestling booster club, so I’m helping the coach’s put together the district tournament.  Our school is hosting b/c we are reigning district champions.  I will be cooking red beans and rice for about 50 people for the hospitality suite.  Unfortunately, the tournament is the same day my cheerleaders are competing.  My other coach and best buddy, Liz, will take the girls Saturday for competition and I will be able to go Sunday for finals.

OK grandparents, now what you really wanted to see.  These pictures are from last nights match.  Our team lost, but Mitchell won his match 11-0. 


IMG_9109 IMG_9115 IMG_9121 IMG_9130 IMG_9143 IMG_9147

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mitchell Mania

I love that he is both musically inclined and athletic.

He and his buddy, AJ, spend hours in his room playing music.  They are both self taught and haven’t been playing long.  Here is what I caught today!  Yes, Pop and Doucie, that is a mohawk!


He also had a tournament this weekend and placed 5th out of 16 teams.  He went 2-2 for the day!  Not bad.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I’ve got to admit, I’m a little jealous of Spencer.  He is spending a few days in New York with friends.  That was his Christmas present from us and Santa.  He is enjoying it and I’m praying he doesn’t get lost!  He told me today he was talking to some guy on the subway about the Wall Street protestors, so that’s where he wants to go head out.  I found a couple things wrong with our conversation….#1  HE WAS TALKING TO A STRANGER ON A NEW YORK SUBWAY…UMMM STRANGER DANGER SON!  #2  I don’t want him arrested while people watching the crazy protestors! 

I’m struggling cutting those apron strings, but he’s a great kid, and has made really good choices, so he deserved this trip!

My boy in Times Square!!!  Yes, that is a random stranger.  He seems to pick them up where he goes!


He went to China Town and got a good deal on Dolce’ Gabbana cologne!  haha


While he was bringing in New Years in New York, we had a get together at the house.  Gene grilled Fajitas and I made a taco salad.  Thanks to Brooke, we had a dessert.  I always forget to provide desserts, b/c let’s face it…My mom is an excellent cook, but a baker she ain’t!  I never learned how…My mother-in-law was an awesome baker/party host.  Her daughter’s inherited that gene.  I guess I wasn’t around enough for it to catch on!

Drew and Trenton played Wii inside, while the grown-ups played outside!


Drew challenged Brooke to a game of soccer.  She played in college and is really good.  She said Drew has skill!


He then challenged Mr. Gene to a match.  He said it was US vs. Mexico…He likes to yell GOAL in Spanish whenever he scores.  It’s really funny!


The couples!

Brooke & Joel


Gene & Stacy


Me and Jose!


The boys!


The girls!