Saturday, February 25, 2012

What Don’t You Have?

That’s what everyone asks me when they see me with something LSU…They say “I bet you have LSU underwear!” Umm, yep, as a matter of fact I do, several pair.  But what I didn’t have was an LSU hall pass!

Our contruction tech teacher (One of the teachers in my dept.) got a new engraver machine (IDK the real name).  He used me as a guinea pig.  As soon as the LSU Tigers were engraved, he said the kids shouted, “Is this for Mrs. Jefferies!”  Well look how pretty!

Now are all my kids happy when they ask to go to the restroom?  NO, but if you are a longhorn fan and have to pee bad enough, you will proudly GEAUX to the potty holding my TIGERS hall pass!

(Yes, I know, Mr. Gene, Our name is spelled incorrectly, but I couldn’t break the man’s heart.  He was so excited to give it to me!)

Engraved on a nice piece of cedar!

hall pass

Kick off to Soccer

Drew had his first EVER Soccer game today.  Joe and I really didn’t know what to expect b/c he’s never played before.  He has worn his jersey for the last two days since he got it and has mentioned that he wishes to never EVER play another sport except soccer EVER EVER again.

His league divides the players by skill into 4 teams A, being the best.  He made the B team, which Joe and I were very proud he was placed on an advanced team, this being his first year.  His team (The Rangers) won their game today 4-2.  Drew scored 2 of those goals.

Pictures???  You want pictures?

Getting ready for the big game!

 DSC_0001 DSC_0003


Here is his first goal.  I missed the second one b/c it happened so fast and I was talking.

About to kick it in………




Here are more action shots that I love.

 DSC_0047DSC_0038 DSC_0040

The dad next to us heard us cheering for Drew and before long he was telling the kids to “kick it to Drew, kick it to Drew”  That made a momma smile.  I will say that he probably had the biggest crowd there to support him.

Mitch,his friend (AJ –not pictured), Spencer, Me, Joe and our good friend Brooke, who played college soccer, came out to support Drew. 

DSC_0044 DSC_0045 

After the game, these two knuckle heads tried to have a go at it.  I think they should stick to wrestling.

DSC_0052 DSC_0054

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Jacksons and Osmonds AIN’t Got Nothin on the Jefferies!

Every day Mitchell is in his room either playing guitar or drums.  He asked me to come listen to him jam.  Of course, I bring in the Ipad to video and I got a little treat!  He’s been teaching Drew the drums.  Watch this.  Joe and I can’t stop laughing b/c every time we look at him he messes up his beat!


I bet our neighbors are just as excited as we are that Drew has learned the drums!


Too Funny

Mitchell’s wrestling coach has a deal with his wrestlers.  If they catch a fellow wrestler sleeping in class, they have to take a picture of them and send it to him.  The “sleeper” has to run and the photographer gets a gatorade….Guess who has to run?


Mitchell told his coach it was an imposter – Good thing he already has a 100 in Geometry!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Budding Musicians

Anyone that comes to my house knows that it’s a revolving door of kids.  Joe and I are used to chaos.  What we love most are nights like this.

When we pile up in one bedroom and talk to each other and listen to the boys play.  It’s seldom now with all of our schedules that we get to be home at the same time!

boys2 boys3boys 

I think this video is so funny.  Drew wants to do EVERYTHING his big brothers do.  As I type this, he is getting out his wrestling clothes to wear to school tomorrow.  He wants to play guitar and I wanted to video him.  He DARED me to put it on facebook….He didn’t say anything about my Blog (Listen to him!)

Here’s a little jam session with the older boys.  They are both playing different songs, but we loved it any way!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Give me a C – H – E – E- R

In addition to the wrestling tournament this weekend, I also had my girls competing.  Thank gosh Liz took them Saturday.  She and I both took them today.  It was a two day competition with it being 20% Saturday and 80% today.  They did not do so well yesterday, but DAMN, they did awesome today.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t good enough to win.

We placed third.  I couldn’t be more proud of these girls.  Over the last month, two girls quit (redo routine #1), one girl got kicked off (redo routine #2), and Wednesday, one girls hyperextended her elbow (redo #3).  Considering all the obstacles they  faced, they did an amazing job. 

We have a CHAMPION in our MIDST!

Joe and I are giddy with excitement.  We lay in bed and talk about how lucky we are to raise not only handsome boys (haha), but smart, well behaved, polite, and athletic kids.  We are so lucky.

Mitchell wrestled in the district tournament this weekend and won 1st place in the 113lb weight class.  What made it most special is that my parents were here to see it.  I think they floated all the way back to Louisiana with excitement.  We head to regionals next weekend in Katy.  The top two kids in each weight class in the entire region will be there.  He was 1-2 last year at regionals.  Keep your fingers crossed for him.  However he does, we are still so proud of him!


Proud Dad!


I look like a wet dog b/c I was running around helping, but GOSH I was one HAPPY MOMMA!



Pop and Doucie had to get in on the camera action too!

photo1  photo3 

IMG_0026 IMG_0011 IMG_0013 IMG_0025

This is his first match.  He won by a pin

This match was for the championship.  He won 10-1!