Monday, July 23, 2012

I’m a DIYer!!!

Joe is going to be soooo ready for me to go back to work.  When we bought this house, the layout, location, and school district was PERFECT. However, there were things that needed to be updated.  Joe said WE (as in ME) would have time to do weekend projects.  Well little by little, we are getting those projects done.

When we moved in, we had the third car garage filled with junk and Joe’s samples.  We pulled EVERYTHING out of the garage Saturday and threw stuff out, organized and made it a great place for Joe to piddle around!

As I posted earlier, I’ve already redone my master bath.  Big DIY job #2 was to redo our kitchen cabinets.  It is thousands of dollars to reface your kitchen.  I found a product that had 4 easy steps.  I picked a shade and went to town.

All those years of bringing my Dad, Mr. Billy, & Mr. Kenneth beers in his workshop while they did carpentry work must have paid off b/c I learned to cut tile, tile, grout, & paint!  When Joe and I had trouble getting the huge shelves out of the garage, left by the previous owner, I said………….GET THAT CIRCULAR SAW!  That sucker came out of the garage.  It came out in three pieces, but it came out!  haha

This is what I bought.  There was NO SANDING required.  You clean them (Drew…It only cost me a $20 bow & arrow), you stain them (all of us – mostly me!), you glaze it (Joe was the master glazer, I wiped it), then you protect it!  It was $149.00.  I seriously could go on an infomercial and hawk this product.


This is a before picture of my cabinets. The ugly Oak that they put in all homes.


This is a picture from yesterday.  The bottom half was done, the top not yet.


I have ordered Fleur De Lis cabinet knobs, and they will be in this week.  For now, however, this is the finished product!


The pictures don’t really do it justice.


On a side note.  I got my stipend for attending that mind numbing training over the summer, and this is what we bought!  Our old set was 20 years old.  I sold it in 6 hours on Craig’s List.  Joe and I slept on the floor for a week, but it was worth it! ( I mounted the TV – yet another thing I learned from Dad and his crew…I used a socket set!  haha)

IMG_0089 IMG_0087 IMG_0088

Sunday, July 15, 2012

More introductions to our Frenchie

Aurelein is not a fan of spicy food. I guess their food is bland in France. I made gumbo last week and Mitch said he drank half n half to cut the pepper. (we were out of milk)
He and the boys have been doing lots together and are having lots of fun. We met some friends for dinner Saturday night and he ate Fajitas. ( he called them tacos). He did not like the chips or the salsa. What a boring life he must lead with no Mexican food!
Let's hope the sun shows himself this week. This rain is getting old!

Hey Perch...

Drew caught a Perch...and two crawfish with the help of Bianca.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Space Center Houston

We took Aurelein to Space Center Houston today. It's sad that we live so close to NASA and never visit the grounds.
A former student of mine works there and comped me tickets ($125 savings!). It was so much fun.

The podium you see the boys behind was President Kennedy's that he used to talk about the moon exploration!

We teased Aurelein bc he can never be President bc he wasn't born in the US, but hey, was Obama? Guess anything is possible!

Hey Mom here are some ideas!

Friday, July 6, 2012

It's a Boy

We are hosting a foreign exchange student from France. Aurelein has been initiated into Texas quickly! On the way back from the airport we got in a wreck. When we got home, Mitch and Drew challenged him to a game of soccer. He's currently sitting at the table barely breathing mumbling "eets tooo hot!". He's so cute and we have lots planned for him during his three week stay with us!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bathroom Finally Finished

No more three way mirrors! No more carpet! Hello tile and pretty decor! I will never attempt this alone again but am happy with the outcome!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bathroom makeover

Slowly but surely, I'm making our house our own. Joe and I love the size of our bathroom, but HATE the three gigantic mirrors that we faced daily. I got the boys to help me take them down this morning.

While he was out of town today, I saw my chance to swoop in for the kill! Everything I purchased was 50-60% off at Joanns Fabrics and Kirklands. I will be tiling the floors next week!