Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Barnyard Tuesday

One of the fun things I get to do as Dept. Head is get to learn about so many things under the career and technology umbrella.
Today, the Ag kids got to choose their goats and lambs for the year. They will raise these baby animals all year and will be auctioned off (and sent to slaughter) in the spring. The kids receive the auctioned money in form of scholarships. I didn't know I was heading out there today, so I wasn't dressed properly!

Here are the Ag teachers and one of our students and her new goat. The baby calf you see was born last week. The students chose their pigs yesterday. I missed that one!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Great Cinnamon Challenge

It’s been going around Drew’s school that it’s impossible to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon.  (It actually is).  He decided to get his two friends to try it.  He knows that plain cinnamon is bitter, but his friends, however, did not.

I wonder where Joe and I are when these kind of activities go down!

Video Evidence

Drew kept telling us that his net was falling down.  We told him…Ok, Ok….It was a Sunday and we were watching football.  We weren’t going to buy him a new net that day anyway, so we weren’t too worried about it anyway.  I guess b/c we didn’t see it as big a problem as he did, he took my ipad outside and decided to video tape the problem.  Notice the expression on his face.  He wasn’t very happy with his parents!  Oh well!

Getting my sew on!

I have mastered the pillow case dress, but I’ve been wanting to try and learn how to sew pants.  I’ve dabbled with scrap material for Drew, but decided to get a pattern (with encouragement from my Family & Consumer Science teacher friend, Linda) and tackle it.

The trainer at our school just had a baby girl and so did a few of our other friends.  I guess this will come in handy YEARS FROM NOW when I will get granddaughters!

These little outfits sell online for around $40. 

These are the outfits I made for approximately $8 each (and a few F* bombs!).  I made one for Halloween, and one for Christmas.  Taking orders, so let me know!  It’s really relaxing making them!


Forward vs. Defender

I guess Drew’s coach likes to see what kids can do what.  For the last couple games, he’s been playing defender.  I kept asking him why he wasn’t scoring as much and he said, “MOOOOOMMMMM, a defender is defense!”  Lesson learned!  He also plays forward.  I never know when to yell run run or get him get him!  It’s hard work!  Here are pics from today’s game.  We came up short 6-4, but it’s always nice to sit with Joe and watch our boy!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Catching Up

We have been so busy adjusting to the new school year, that my blogging has suffered.

Drew is in full force Soccer.  He practices three days a week and plays games on Saturday.  Most of his games are close by.  Yesterday was a far away game.  Mitchell and Joe went to cheer him on and I was able to stay home and catch up.

Speaking of Mitchell.  He is doing so well in school.  Their soccer season will be gearing up soon.  They have “open mat” on Monday after school now, so he’s getting back into the swing of things.

Spencer is either at work or school.  He is enthralled in his classes.  He’s taking the first of many sound engineering courses and comes home every day excited about what he is doing.  Joe and I are so happy that he finally found a major he was interested in.  We were getting nervous for a bit.

Joe turned on the grill last night and we had some friends over.  It’s been a couple months since we’ve seen some of them and we included some new faculty/friends  over also.  I’m glad that the house was full of kids.  It’s very seldom now that we have little kids over.  It’s mostly teenagers!

Don’s Meat Market may be the best place on Earth besides Tiger Stadium.  Joe does their meat justice!


Joe and Joel – Me and Brooke!


Last year, my Mom and I went to the going out of business sale at Party People place.  I found animal noses for $.33.  At the time, I was still coaching cheer and thought I could use them for a pep rally.  Flash forward a year and Brooke and I decided to have a nose party!  I think the kiddos enjoyed it more than the grown ups!  However, how funny do we look.  It’s very hard having a conversation with somebody wearing a horse nose!


My friend, Stacy, wanted to see if I could sew ruffle pants for her newborn.  I attempted a few times and the third pair was a semi success, except for one thing….They didn’t fit the baby girl.  They did, however, fit big brother.  Mom took it like a champ that we all thought he was precious in hot pants.  Dad, not so much!  We were trying to get him to do the hustle…this was what we got.  So precious!