Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fun Day

Being a teacher is such a rewarding job.  I have former students that still keep in contact with me.  Last week, one student called and asked to see me before he leaves for Pittsburg.  He is going to play college baseball there.  He and Spencer played pee wee football together, so I’ve known Keaton since he was in 4th grade.  I met Keaton, Dustyn, and Ashleigh (one of my former cheerleaders) today for lunch and bowling.  I found it odd they wanted to hang out with me during their winter break, but hey…I’m kinda awesome.  I love those kids and they are going to be great young adults!

I scored a 74…I suck in bowling, but still had loads of fun!


Siiimply Haaaving a WONDERFUL Christmas Time

It sounds so sappy, but Joe and I are truly blessed.  We have amazing kids, great/healthy parents, and good jobs that allow us time off during the Holiday with our family.

My parents decided to “surprise” us and come for Christmas.  They originally intended on coming the day after Christmas.  They came in just in time to watch one of Mitchell’s wrestling tournaments.  It made my Mom a nervous wreck!  He wrestled three times and went 2-1…pretty good day.  We spent the rest of the day hanging out in the backyard cutting up!

The boys taught my mom and dad how to play washers.  We wore shorts one day and sweaters the next.


Our football coach lost his wife last week to a long battle with breast cancer.  I am really close to him and have been helping he and his son as much as I can.  Mrs. Mary’s sister came in from Colorado for the funeral and stayed for Christmas.  Her 5 year old son was getting a puppy from Santa.  Mary’s sister convinced Paul to get one too.  I’m so glad he did.  It will fill such a hole in his heart.  ANYWAY…b/c Santa didn’t come until Tuesday, they needed a place to keep the pups….Calling Gretchen the dog lover….


In between cooking, wrestling, washers, and playing with puppies, my mom managed to teach Drew how to roll dice….Great roll model (get it!)


Here is little Pistache posing by the tree (and hiding from the puppies who man handled him for two days)


Christmas was amazing.  We went to mass Christmas eve and came home and ate yummy shrimp creole.  We woke up Christmas morning to Drew wanting to open presents.  The big boys got sound recording equipment and money and Drew got video games and an Ipad mini.  It was a very successful day.  Joe got a fire pit and a fancy lighter for his cigars and I got some nice cowboy boots and a sexy dress.  Joe always picks great stuff out.  He’s got wonderful taste.  (He picked me, right?)


After lunch we decided to go play outside and watch the boys skate and ride the go cart.


Bianca came over to exchange gifts.  She made me a beautiful fleur de lis door decoration and we got her a Micheal Kors purse and wallet.  She was soooooooooo excited.  Spencer bought her a pearl necklace and earrings.  Her mom was a little jealous!


The best gift was, of course, from Doucie.  She bought Drew a laser rifle that shoots a duck.  We chased that stupid duck all over the neighborhood.  You have 30 seconds to shoot it.  Well, we lost the damn duck.  It flew behind a neighbor’s yard never to be seen again.  I bought another duck, so more fun is in store!


Spencer learned my favorite Christmas carol just for me…God love that kid.


Here’s hoping 2013 brings as much happiness and good fortune as 2012 did!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Here’s the video

I promised you.  For those family member’s that can’t follow the link, you can watch Mitchell’s Tech match below.

The MOST Wonderful Time of the Year

You would think that Christmas time is stressful around here, but it’s quite the opposite.  Joe’s travel schedule slows down b/c his customers are vacationing, football season is over, fall soccer is over, and Spencer is finished the fall semester.

We are all  home by 4 (except for Mitch…he’s in the middle of wrestling), and we are loving life.  Since I gave up cheer, when I get home, I pick up, start supper and do absolutely nothing.  I enjoy going outside now and playing with the dogs.  I think if I were to hit the Lotto, my backyard would be full of animals!

Pistache is getting so big.  He is trying to assert himself over Roux and Beignet.  Roux isn’t having any of it.  In fact, we can’t have them in the same room b/c Roux will try to eat him.  Beignet “tolerates” him….Watch for yourself.

I love my doggies….I think sometimes the boys get a little jealous b/c I’m always hugging and kissing on them!  Drew told me the other day, “I’m your baby, not Pistache!”

My favorite Furbabies!

pistache       beignet

You think Joe is wrapped?


Last week, Drew watched the dreaded “Puberty” video at school.  He came home to tell me that he now needed deodorant.  He also asked me how old Daddy was when he started shaving.  When I turned around to answer him, I saw this…..I’m pretty sure Joe wasn’t 10!!!


His friends all have Instagram accounts now.  They post pictures and comment on each other’s stuff.  I am following his account to make sure he stays appropriate for his age and when I saw his profile, I couldn’t help but wet my pants. Notice it says he loves, video games, praying, hamburgers, football, soccer, and STEALING PEOPLE’S GIRLFRIENDS, AND OF COURSE LSU!


He’s so precious to us…He getting so big, yet Joe and I want him to stay little b/c we will be empty nesters before we look up.  My favorite time of the day is when I’m cooking dinner and he hangs out discussing life’s mysteries (or playing games on his iphone)!


OK, on to my big babies!  Their buddies are all in town for the holidays and guess what that means?  YEP….Party at the Jefferies house.  Joe and I will be feeding these kiddos for a month…which is OK with us b/c they are a great group of boys!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My bro's new business

How fun are those photo booths that people rent for weddings and parties??? My brother now rents them. Check out his website (designed by yours truly). We will be adding to it as he gets rolling!