Monday, March 18, 2013

The Good Old Days

Looking through old photos at my mom’s made me wish my kids could have grown up in the 70’s………Things were not nearly as harsh as they are today.

I believe we were living in El Paso when this was taken.  I remember Seth was singing….You ain’t nothin but a hound dog.  What really makes this picture funny is that he has a big pee spot on his pants. haha


I remember this big round table.  My mom still has the chairs and I have the hutch/desk that came with it.  I believe they bought it in Mexico.


The pictures I have of this kid (Spencer) naked are endless.  Very seldom did he want to go inside to use the restroom.  He would just drop trou!



Look at the grandkids circa 97ish.  Drew and Ashlyn weren’t even born.  It’s hard to believe that three of these kiddos are in college and two are knocking on that door!old6

Look at us….so young.  This was in 90.  My sister’s wedding reception.  Hard to believe we will be celebrating 25 years of marriage in May.


Drew’s Turn

Joe and I were shocked surprised at how well Drew did at his first tournament.  What made it extra special was that my parents got to see him wrestle.  The tournament was at Lafayette High, so we made a weekend out of it.  He wrestled in the 60lb weight class.  He won his first two matches by pin!  The father of the 2nd kid he pinned challenged Drew’s weight.  They pulled him away from the matches and weighed him.  He was 1 lb over the limit, so they disqualified him from the tournament.  What frustrates us is that it was the “honor system” with weigh ins.  When his coach registered him, he checked the weight and was fine.  I guess the 5 bowls of crawfish ettouffee that he ate at Doucie’s put him over.  I’m sure that 1 lb would have made the difference in pinning that kid in maybe 40 seconds instead of 26!  NOT

All he is talking about is his next tournament………..he’s hooked.

First Match

2nd Match


Big brother helping adjust headgear.



Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rodeo and Randomness

I’m so fortunate to have a friend on the Rodeo committee.  She gets awesome tickets to see performers during the Houston LSSR.  We had a girl’s night last night to see the Handsome, Talented Dierks Bentley.  In return, I take her to an LSU game every year. She’s an Aggie, but I love her nonetheless!

Kim & Raine

photo (3)

Me and my good friend, Linda


Dierks………. He told the audience to turn on their cell phones and lit it up…Really cool picture.



I love finding pictures that Drew takes of himself on my phone when it’s lying around.



I went to a craft show and they had “pee pee” pads.  It’s for male dogs that tend to lift their legs and mark their spot.  Beignet has been kicked out of the house b/c of this nasty instinct.  I  can now enjoy my little biscuit without him pissing on everything in the house!


My mom, sis, and I also went to the Hebert’s meat market.  I filled my freezer with yummy meats.  This is what we tried first.  Chicken breasts with a jalapeno filled with cream cheese.  The breast was wrapped in bacon.