Saturday, April 20, 2013

Another great Saturday!

The entire Jefferies family headed up to North Houston to wrestle today. Mitchell was feeling under the weather, so only wrestled this morning and placed 3rd. Drew placed 2nd in both Greco and Freestyle. He is really doing a great job! We will be heading to the state qualifying tournament in two weeks in Dallas, so wish us luck!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

How does your garden grow?

We have Squash and Tomatoes! Our Eggplant is flowering, so soon we will be enjoying fresh veggies all summer!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

You know what’s AWESOME

When two of your former cheerleaders make it to the finals to be cheerleaders for the TEXANS!

Voting is taking place right now, so go vote!

TEXT – HTC31 to 88222 to vote for Lesha.  I’ve had Lesha since she was a Freshman.  She graduated last year and if I were to have a daughter, I’d want her to be just like Lesha.  She sent me a text yesterday telling me she put me down as a reference!  I hope they call me!  I’ll give them an ear full about the time she wrapped my suburban in saran wrap, or strung up my yard in purple and gold yarn, or the numerous times my house was toilet papered under her rule!  I hope she makes it!


Text HTC49 to 88222 to vote for Stephanie.  I had her all four years also in the early 2000’s.  I remember her as being one of my only girls that didn’t tumble.  Her jumps were beautiful, but she would get so discouraged b/c she didn’t tumble.  I shared with her my cheer stories about me not tumbling, but being able to leap through the sky like Spiderman!  I hope they both do well!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Our weekend Part 1

I can't wipe the grins off mine and Joe's faces. Mitch and Drew competed in their first Greko and Freestyle tournament yesterday. Some background...High school wrestles "folk style". The moves are completely different. You can't interlock your hands or throw them over your head. Greko is more upper body, you can't use your legs and you can throw your opponent. Freestyle is a mixture of the two.

Anyway.......when we got there, there was nobody in the beginner weight class for Drew (63 lbs), so they put him with experienced wrestlers at 75 lbs. Here's where it gets good! He placed 2nd in Greko and 2nd in Freestyle. When he gets to wrestle in his own beginner weight class, he will be phenomenal! Mitchell placed 2nd in Greko and 1st in Freestyle! Videos will becoming on another post. Here are some pictures of my studs!