Saturday, June 29, 2013

Jefferies Jamboree

Joe's cousin's husband coaches the Anaheim Angels and they played the Astros this weekend. We haven't seen them in years so we decided to all meet up for a mini reunion. We sure did miss Jan and David, though. It was so nice to have family around. 

Cheesecake Factory

Drew and Camden had a good time together. 

Astros Game

This picture melts my heart!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Drew's journal

As I was cleaning Drew's room for company, I came across his class writing journal. His words are precious and priceless

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thanks Daddy!

Our neighbor just told us he's calling the homeowner's association on us.  He said this while he was giving me a Gig'em sign!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Chef Drew

My mom taught Drew how to make an easy pie and he was anxious to come back and make one for his friends!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fishing with his Daddy

Drew's new obsession is fishing.  He loves it!  Joe wants to go to a boat show on Sunday to start dreaming about buying a boat!  He can be the skipper, Drew will be Gilligan, and I, of course, will be Ginger!


Stephanie and I hit the road (and airways) to go watch our Tigers play.  While they didn't do very well, we had the time of our lives cutting up like sisters do.  I wish there weren't two states between us. 

The new ball field was beautiful, and the people in Omaha definitely love the Tiger fans. 

We went to one restaurant with tons of LSU flags out, they played the Tiger fight song, all the wait staff had LSU shirts on, and they actually delivered the Baton Rouge newspaper to each table. It was awesome!

Barrett's Barley Corn

We made sure to take daily pictures, so here is a barrage of photos!

Statue brought from Rosenblatt

Sign giving distances each team traveled

8 team flags!  Awesome!

Lots of Cajun music played to please the Tiger crowd. 

Steph was super stoked to meet this fella!

Thank God my mom gave us these fans!  We wanted to make a sign that said "blow jobs $10", but decided against it!

We did make this sign though!

Look at the Tiger championships!

Everyone needs a kissy face pic, right?

Negro league had an exhibit that we visited. It was pretty cool.  

Purple Tiger bus, go figure!

The players and coach before Tuesday's game. 

After the game, my high school friend sent me this message!