Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend at the Lake

Our friends have a lake house in Palestine, Texas and invited us to go for a three day weekend.  The big boys had to work, so Joe, Drew, and myself took off.  I must say that it was the most relaxing time Joe and I have had in years.  We stayed up late, slept in, and the best part was that there was no cell service.  No customers calling Joe and no temptation for me to look at Facebook or check email. 

Our friends brought their three boys, which are really close to Drew’s age, so Drew was in paradise!  They fished, rode the boat, played baseball, swam in the lake, and played airsoft guns for three days!

We can’t wait to join them again soon!

On the way (Drew and Ethan)


Drew showing Ethan how to cast a fly rod!


Their reward!  BASS!


The youngest, Ian, hung with the big dawgs too!


There was a paddle boat and a little Jon boat with a trolling motor!  Drew was right in his element.  He would load up his fishing gear, get in the boat and ride around the lake looking for the perfect fishing spot!  It was awesome to watch!




A little baseball, airsoft wars, and games added to the fun!






I didn’t get a pic of the men, but here are the girls!


And Joe and I goofing off on the swing!


It was great waking up to this view


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Another Day at the Beach

My summer is winding down and it makes me sad. Each Friday, Michele and I are planning stuff with the boys to try and enjoy every minute off. 

Sharon's precious Annison
Drew always gives Momma a pose. 
The chikas
Ethan and Drew get along so well. 
Nice game of beach baseball. 

She's my friend anyway

My principal also has three boys, so I like to give her some of Drew's hand me downs. She sent me this picture this morning thanking me for the clothes!  Despite the fact she's an Aggie, she is still my friend. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer time is Amazing

I spent the day on the beach with a good friend and her sister.  We are lucky that we both have three boys and have many boy stories to share!
Drew had lots of fun with two of her boys. Other than getting pooped on by a seagul, it was a great day!

Thursday, July 4, 2013