Thursday, October 24, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I guess Mitchell's senior portrait today has me a little sentimental. 

Here is a Throwback Thursday waltz down memory lane. 

Me and Joe at Steph and Ike's rehearsal dinner in 1990.  We had just celebrated two years of marriage. 

Our handsome boys posing for a Christmas card. 

Gosh this kid is precious!

So was this one!

And this beauty too!  His girl cousins got to him!

This pic cracks me up. We went tubing years ago and Drew crashed out. We littered his tube with empty beer cans and Jell-O shots. I wanted it to be our Christmas card. Joe nixed that idea. 

I had an amazing mother in law. She's dearly missed!

And my awesome family!
Me, Steph, Daddy, and Seth!

Me and my momma!

Mitch and Drew

Last two days we played dress up!  Drew got his Halloween costume. He wants to wear it to the mall, pose, then grab complete strangers!  Where does he get this stuff?

Mitch had to take his senior yearbook picture today. I guess this will be the first of many melancholy  moments!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

What a Wonderful Weekend

I have always told my friends that LSU tailgating was like no other.  They got to experience it this weekend.  Joe had traveled home last weekend for a wedding while I stayed with the boys, so this weekend he stayed back.

We got in late Friday night and headed down Main Street for Gumbo cookoff stuff.  The crowds had already dispersed, so we went to Clementines and listened to a live band.  We were the youngest in the crowd by at least a decade, but had fun any way.


<sidebar> It was also homecoming week for Clear Brook and two of my cheerleaders came by campus.  The taller one is a Texans cheerleader…Love those girls.


Ok, back to the game….Saturday we woke up really early to head to the tailgating. The 6 of us piled into my truck to head to Death Valley…….but first picture time.

Stephanie was in for her class reunion, so we got a priceless family picture.  It’s not seldom that we are all together!


The Porche Posse


My Pals (Gene, Stacy, Me, Sharon, & Bernie)


The Tiger Stop gas station has a real tiger, so we pulled over to visit him.  (One of our passengers has the bladder the size of a pea…Hint, not me or my dad, or Bernie or Sharon)


Here’s the best picture of the weekend.  Bernie had to rest up……ON THE WAY TO THE GAME!  Look how he’s sleeping with his tongue out and ball in hand…typical man.


Sharon had an old college room mate she met up with, and Gene is friends with the Softball coach and her husband, so we got the royal tailgating treatment.  The guys disappeared for a while and when they returned, we found out that they had been riding around campus in an LSU golf cart from the Softball team…They were treated like kings!

The best Associate Principal I’ve ever worked with!


After a few beers, the selfies got a little out of control…but hey, we looked good!




My Dad hung better than all of us…You can tell he’s an old tailgating pro!IMG_2589

It was so hot, we made our own sweat caps


Bernie and Sharon – He’s a trip!


Girl pics…


Clear Brook Crew…



We promised Gene a trip to the casino, but never made it.  My mom plugged in her slot machine so he could have a quick fix.


We are already planning our trip for next season.  We are going to make sure Joe comes this time and we will probably tailgate with our kiddos…Geaux Tigers, Geaux Family, Geaux Friends.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I really wish I would have paid more attention to Mrs. Welcome in 7th grade Home Economics.   I guess after she threw a butter knife at me, she lost my attention.

I have mastered the pillowcase dress and wanted to get a little more advanced in my sewing skills.  My mom found a cute dress at a craft show.  I cut it up and used it as a pattern.  Now I will need to find little girls to sew for.  I love doing this.  I’m sure I will get better as I practice.

Clear Brook Paw print and Candy Corns…yummy!


Golf Tournament

Our baseball team holds a golf tournament every year and I get to play in it.  Because I’m selling Origami Owl Lockets, I decided to sponsor a hole.  I had a few moms wanting to buy the lockets, so it was worth the donation for the baseball team and my growing home business.


I got to play with our Dance teacher, my Agriculture teacher, and my Assistant Principal.  We had a blast.


The dance teacher (far left) is hosting a golf tournament so we decided to film and advertisement for it while we were playing.  It’s not one of my best video works, but it’s pretty funny nonetheless.

I don’t think Tiger has anything to worry about!

It was the first time our dance teacher had EVER played golf.  We had so much fun making fun of teaching her how to play!  She and I talked so much about my lockets, she signed up Sunday to be a designer.  It was a great Saturday.

Drew’s Choir Videos

Drew's First Choir Concert

I must admit, I teared up watching 
my baby singing. It reminded me of the hundreds of times I did it before!

Girl's Choir

My lil guy. Shorter than the music stand. 

It's a family affair!