Sunday, November 17, 2013

2nd Annual Clear Brook Invitational

Clear Brook Boys won 2nd! Girls won 1st! and Mitchell won 1st in his weight class.  We hosted another tournament on Saturday with 8 teams.  It was truly a team effort.  Our coach’s wife was running the bracket tables, parents were working concessions, and Joe and I were working the match tables.  We are ready to start refereeing matches now!  We feel like professionals..I know reversals, back points, escapes, and takedowns….All the lingo that 4 years ago never thought I would grasp!  Now I can call it and yell BACK POINTS REF…haha!

He had a bye the first round, so went right into the semis.  He won by points.

The second match he also won, which gave him first place!  We are so proud of him.  He ended up with a busted top and bottom lip, and a major headache, but a medal around his neck!

CBHS Tri-Tournament

This past Thursday was the opening of wrestling season. Our school hosted two other schools for a tri.  Mitchell lost his first match 8-5 and won his second match by pin.  I think he is going to have a fantastic year.

So family, here are the matches you missed and are dying to see!!!

Match 1 vs. Morton Ranch

Match 2 – Don’t blink – It’s not long!

Wrestling pictures

It's much easier for me to transfer pictures to my blog from my phone than it is video. So pictures will be on a different post. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pics from today's match

Here we go again!

Drew had his first tournament of the season.  We woke up at 5:30 this morning and headed to Spring, Texas.  Drew was competing in the rookie division.  He started really late last year and only competed in one folk style tournament, so he is eligible to be a rookie this year.  In the spring, he competed in freestyle and greko wrestling.  There is no rookie division for that type, so he competed against kids with a lot more experience than him.  I think it helped him.  It upset him b/c he never won a first place medal.  WELL, TODAY HE WON A FIRST PLACE MEDAL.

HOWEVER, several coaches from other gyms questioned his eligibility b/c he didn’t “wrestle like a rookie”.  One guy offered to have us come and join his gym…We declined his offer, but it was kind of funny b/c 10 minutes before that, he was trying to get drew disqualified.

His first match.

2nd Match

1st place Match (yes, that’s a girl, but she was pretty good!)