Sunday, August 31, 2014

Futbol and Football

Drew had his first tournament of the season. He did really well, but his team fell short.

After Soccer, Joe and I headed off to watch the Tigers play at Reliant. We met up with some New Iberia people we haven't seen in a while. It was so much fun!

Tiger Bait!

Da Berry girls!

One of my BFFs, Keri

My main squeeze 

My next car

My childhood friend, Angie. Her son is #8, Trey Quinn. He had a great game. I can't wait to follow his college career.

Some pics from the day.

I used to work with this guy Tony. He sent me Badger pics all day.  Here is his reaction when the Tigers came out on TOP!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Summer training

Well I get to spend my last two weeks of freedom in New Jersey. I'm in a remote area upstate. It's beautiful, but boring bc it's a small town. 

Made a fiber optic cable!

This is the training facility. We had to stay indoors one day because there was a bear outside!

Over the weekend, I decided to hop on a train and head to New York for the night! I drove to the train station in Dover, NJ, and they dumped me at Penn Station by Madison Square Garden and Macys!
I brought my stuff to the hotel and headed to broadway. I went to the matinee showing of Jersey Boys. It was amazing! If it's ever back in Houston or New Orleans, Pris is GOING!
For the rest of the day I walked around the shops and drooled!

For dinner, I ate sushi at me and my sister's fav, Ruby Foo's

Boy do you see some sights in the Big Apple

Naked Cowboy!

And just naked girls!
Met lady liberty (kinda)!

I took a pic of some French people and the took a pic of me!

I woke up this morning and headed to mass at Saint Patrick's cathedral.  I did more shopping and headed back to Penn Station. Just call me a local!

Friday, August 15, 2014

I love my siblings!

Momma and Daddy, who's your favorite?

I saw this pic on Facebook so I posted it!

So my brother posted this!
And my sister slams us with this!  She won!